Now that some teams have sold off some of their pieces, the next two months are going to be a long, slow process. When teams are not playing for anything, it can be tough to find a reason to go out and play. However, for these following teams, the rumors of when their coach will be let go will be the focal conversation point for the rest of the season. These following managers will likely be let go sometime in August or September, or at the end of the year.

Brad Ausmus-Detroit Tigers

The firing of Ausmus is just a ticking time bomb at this point.

The Tigers are in fourth place in the division. The only reason they are not in last place is that the Chicago White Sox had a fire sale this July, and are playing prospects at the MLB level.

Ausmus had his change. It’s not like he didn’t have the players to work with either. The team signed Jordan Zimmerman and Justin Upton to large contracts a couple season ago to bolster a competitive team. Miguel Cabrera is still a productive player. The Tigers are now strapped to those contracts and are in purgatory with where they are headed in the future. One decision is a lot easier to make, and that is getting rid of Ausmus.

Bryan Price-Cincinnati Reds

The Reds find themselves in last place once again.

Price has had three years to run the show in Ohio, but the Reds have not produced. The team has some young talent, but are not likely to be a contender in the near future. Price could be given another year to lead the rebuild. However, between Price being let go, and Joey Votto being traded in the offseason, the Reds will have plenty to talk about.

Terry Collins-New York Mets

It’s been two years since the Mets made the World Series with their young starting pitching leading the way. In those two years, injuries have devasted the team, and the Mets are a lot older in their lineup. Half of the outfield is set to be a free agent this winter. No one knows how Matt Harvey or Noah Syndergaard will be when they return.

Collins has had a nice run, but it might be time for a change.

Mike Scioscia-Los Angeles Angels

The los angeles angels have made the postseason once since 2009, the last time was in 2014. Let that fully sink in. It’s been a long time since the 2002 World Series. Scioscia has also had a nice run, but if he does not resign at the end of this season, he will likely be fired. The team has an aging roster and not a lot of cap space. The large contracts to Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson have come back to bite the team in the long run.

Honorable Mention: Mike Matheny-St Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals manager could swing some votes his way, but he has just signed an extension. The Cardinals could have a perfect offseason, and contend in 2018. The team is just 4.5 games out of first in the division currently, so technically they could still make some noise.