Jay Cutler has recently been signed to play for the Miami Dolphins organization. Their current quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who has underperformed in Miami has injured his knee and will most likely need surgery. So the team signed Cutler. The former Bears QB has now come out of retirement to help the Dolphins stay competitive in the league. He announced retirement back in May and is leaving his job as a Fox Sports analyst. The signing by no means makes the Dolphins a better team, Cutler will have to prove that he can still play. Although, someone else has been left out by the signing.

Dolphins latest desperate move

In my opinion, the recent addition does not make the Dolphins any better than they originally were. It does help that they have a slightly better QB at the helm. However, Jay Cutler will have to prove his worth in the league, where his performance has drastically declined in recent years.

Miami is giving the QB a second chance in the league, and if he plays well, the team could sign him to a more lucrative deal. He should be grateful for even being given the chance.

In my opinion, though, I do not believe Cutler will thrive in the system or on the field by much evidence. He is 34 years of age, and his performance on the field has spoken for itself.

I can not lie because Cutler does have a cannon for an arm.

His arm talent was shown in his pinpoint passes in a game in the regular season versus the New York Giants last season. Cutler has suffered from injuries to his shoulder and thumb. Simply put, he could very much not be the same player he used to be. An ESPN article states that "Last season, Cutler played in just five games because of thumb and shoulder injuries." He had to get surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder in December.

There is a slight possibility that he plays well with familiar coach Adam Gase. The coach is said to have been a factor in Cutler's decision to sign with the team because he played well in the under his leadership in the past. Under Gase, in the year 2015, he was able to throw for, "3,659 yards, along with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

He also completed 64% of his passes that same year.


I believe that the team overpaid Jay Cutler. They are giving him 10 million dollars for a one-year deal and up to 3 million in incentives, sources stated by an ESPN article.

The Dolphins will have to draft a great QB in the future because Tannehill has not played well in Miami. He makes the wrong decisions in throwing interceptions and making poor passes. Wide-Receiver Jarvis Landry makes him look good on any given Sunday I think.

Backup Matt Moore is not that good either in my opinion. Moore is also not young, so it would be smart for the Dolphins to draft a QB either next year or the year after. I believe that the problem with the organization is with having a great quarterback who makes the correct decisions.

Their defense is pretty impressive, and their offensive is not horrible but could use some tweaks here and there.

Colin Kaepernick still unsigned

The signing of Jay Cutler brought about the plaguing issue in the NFL. The ex-49ers QB still has not been signed by an NFL team, and it has gone on for months. The quarterback is surely upset and shocked that he has not been signed yet. Now, Colin Kaepernick has been on the decline in the league since Jim Harbaugh left the team, but he deserves to be signed by a team, at least as a backup.

There are plenty of QB's out there that are signed and who are not better than him. Kaepernick is athletic, and he can make a difference in the league and make teams better overall.

It is a shame that he is not being signed because he used his 1st amendment rights. However, he did make his own mistakes in the protest.

I believe that if he is not signed, it will end up in a lawsuit against the NFL. The Jay Cutler addition and the Baltimore Ravens show some evidence that Kaepernick is being unfairly treated.