Happy Wednesday Tauruses! Your birthday between April 20 and May 20 gives you an ambitious streak, so much so that sometimes, people accuse you of being stingy. Today’s daily Taurus lovescope looks at getting out of your comfort zone.

What to expect

Singles: Ah, l'amour. It's in the air, you know, all around you Taurus. You attract a barrage of attention today in the form of smiles, blown kisses and sweet small talk. You could actually have a hard time avoiding several people who simply can’t resist you. The stars tell you to just bask in the limelight of adoration because it’s not everyday this kind of attention comes around and not just anyone can handle it.

Take advantage of the situation and if you’re actively looking for romance right now, you may just get your wish.

Couples: Put some thought and effort into planning your romantic future:, whether it's a personal agenda that'll make you a better partner or one that pushes you both into a happy place. Those of the third decade have a lot in store tonight by way of kisses, cuddles and caresses. Passion will also be stepped up for those with an Ascendant in Aquarius and those whose partner is a Cancer. Many couples are having a great night.

You’re being nostalgic today and some romantic experiences you enjoyed in the past with your partner may occupy your mind. These memories would not only bring joy to you but would also propel you to do something to make your romance more exciting for the future.

The stars promise you a burst of energy, optimism and openness to affection so find creative ways to keep the spark alive.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Sometimes, you take too long to weigh up the pros and cons that the object of your desire gets fed up and leaves! Today you encounter someone, who, off the bat you know isn’t your type-- other than that though, do you have any objections?

If not, then what's the harm of going out on one date? Expand your horizons. You might discover something -- or someone -- great.

For those already in a relationship: The celestial configuration is creating a source of divine restlessness within you today. Show your creative self by allowing a little poetry to seep into your soul, rather than the mere ticking of the clock announcing your Daily schedule.

You already know that nothing is perfect, not even your honey pie but today, you’re examining them under a microscope. Lighten up, be realistic about each other’s shortcomings and try to soak up some magic and romance.

We hope this insight shared in today’s daily Lovescope for Taurus has been useful to you. Thank you for stopping by and we certainly hope to see you again tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and don’t forget to share your reading with family and friends. See you tomorrow!