Irrational, foolish, and incredibly entitled, the silver-haired Khaleesi is absolutely the most wretched character in "Game of Thrones." She has shown no loyalty to anyone, not even her own dragons. The self-proclaimed Queen has done very little if anything, herself. To put it quite simply, she is a conquering, inbred dictator with a god-complex. Daenerys has no experience successfully leading any city, yet she claims to be the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. If anyone is corrupt and should never hold any kind of power, it's the precious Khaleesi.

Selfish and Cruel

Daenerys does nothing herself. Almost everything that she orders, she does not execute. She employs the people around her to do all of the dirty work. What was it that Ned Stark said in the first episode? "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." We've yet to find anyone who comes anywhere near as honorable as Ned up to this point in the series. Dany refuses to take responsibility for her demands, making her the exact opposite of Lord Stark.

The Mother of Dragons refused to take the time to properly train her dragons when they were actually trainable. When one of them baked a shepherd's kid, she locked the other two in an underground dungeon. She literally punished Rhaegal and Viserion for something Drogon did.

This also plays into the next point.

Daenerys prides herself on her being the Breaker of Chains. This great liberator managed to have over 100 people crucified without even one trial simply because they were of a higher social standing. She never took the time to learn which of the accused were actually guilty of any crime.

The only type of leader who performs such cruel and unjust acts is a dictator.

The Conquering Dictator

Daenerys has claimed many cities including ancient ones such as Meereen, Astapor, and Yunkai. She never stayed long enough for her new laws to take hold. She has done nothing but causes destruction, death, and chaos everywhere she has been.

Now, she has led a group of barbarians to Westeros.

The Dothraki have a very distinct way of life. They take great pride in how many women they enslave and rape after a battle. Daenerys seems to think that they will abandon this lifestyle immediately and assimilate into the Westerosi culture. I'm betting that is not going to happen. Essentially, all she did was bring a massive group of raping, pillaging, insane barbarians to the Seven Kingdoms. I'm guessing that is not going to go over well with the people of Westeros.

Are you still backing Dany at this point? I'm shocked but will continue to make my point.

Brotherly Love

People give Cersei a hard time over her incestuous relationship with her twin brother, Jaime.

However, everyone seems to overlook the fact that the beloved Daenerys is the product of centuries of intense inbreeding. It's no wonder she insane.

Yes, she is insane. The Mother of Dragons has all the making of a Mad Queen. She is irrational, moody, and quite frankly very stupid. She can never seem to come to a decision on her own. She relies far too heavily on advisors, including recently asking Jon Snow what do about her losing war strategy. She does not know Jon Snow very well. How can she ask him such a thing?

Daenerys loses her temper a lot. She threatens to have random people burned alive even if they are simply hesitant about bending a knee. Ultimately, she is saying, "Call me Queen or die screaming." Again, she is a dictator.

Ancestral Lands

Okay, this is a topic of some debate. Ancestral lands is not a thing. Just because her family used to live in Westeros that does not mean that it belongs to her. That is the highest form of entitlement. Her family was nuts. Her father was literally called the Mad King. He was assassinated by Jaime Lannister because he was burning people alive. (Kinda like what Dany always threatens to do to the people who question her.)

Daenerys has no experience successfully leading any city. Yet she still believes that she is entitled to the Iron Throne and that all should serve beneath her. She has one of the worst god-complexes I've ever seen.

Yes, she can walk through fire. Cool story, bro.

Yes, her dragons are epic. She doesn't even really care for them though. She left them to waste away in a dungeon.

Daenerys Targaryen should not have the Iron Throne. In fact, she should not be anywhere near it. She is the worst person in "Game of Thrones," yet everyone seems to love her.