This year's NBA offseason is without a doubt the most interesting so far. A lot of things have happened, most of which are quite surprising. Perhaps the most noticeable one is Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The All-Star point guard no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James. He seeks a team in which he will be the focal point. Meaning to say, he wants to be the main guy, the one that will carry the team. While many understood Kyrie Irving’s decision, there is actually a lesson that can be learned from him.

Does Irving have what it takes?

There is no doubt that Irving is a great player. He is capable of scoring night after night, and he does this with passion. However, it cannot be denied that his championship run is somewhat thanks to James. Without the latter, it is almost impossible for him to win a title. Remember: he spent his six seasons with the Cavaliers, but he never had the chance to make it to the finals. James, on the other hand, went to Miami and grabbed two championships. When he returned to Cleveland, he helped the team make a run to the championship. He also held on his promise to give the franchise a title.

James is a better player compared to Kyrie Irving. He is the focal point of the Cavaliers because he has what it takes.

Irving, on the other hand, has yet to prove this. Sure, he can score all he wants, but at the end of the day, it is all about winning titles. With his decision to leave the Cavaliers in pursuit of a spotlight pointing to him, his chances of getting a championship run are slim. If he is as great as James, he should have proved this when he Cleveland was still his way before James returned.

Irving does not have leadership skills

In a report from Forbes, leadership guru named John Maxwell said that Kyrie Irving does not have the kind of leadership bubble like James. He can play great on the floor, but his team will never be. He does not even appreciate the things that James does to him. Otherwise, he would have never thought of leaving.

Maxwell further noted that Irving should know the kind of leadership bubble he wants to live in. That way, he will understand the importance of being a floor leader.

Forbes also notes that Kyrie Irving’s decision is somewhat similar to soccer superstar Neymar. The latter played alongside with Messi, but like Irving, he thinks he is only second. As a result, he left Messi and the old team. He went to another franchise, but it appeared that his decision was slowly taking its toll on his career.