Americans have always been divided along party lines, but something different comes into play regarding President number 45. Many of those who oppose him are extreme, and aggressive, in the verbiage they use to describe Donald Trump. This can be noted in a recent "Usa Today" article that was published online, where Christian Schneider.shares his strong opinion of our current commander in chief.

The Trump effect is at work again

Schneider says that our 45th president has a sickening fetish for cruelty, one which the columnist likens to melting ants under a magnifying glass.

This may seem extreme to Trump supporters but there are many Americans who get it. Most all of us probably remember someone who was a little strange as a child. It may have been a boy who would mistreat animals, or mutilate his sister's dolls.

Back in those days you just assumed it was behavior that the individual would grow out of. There had not been all the studies that we have today, which identify personality traits to various mental and emotional disorders. We now know that an odd childhood fetish may translate into problems as an adult.This is most noticeable with serial killers, who after they are caught someone remembers that they pulled the wings off of butterflies, melted ants under a magnifying glass, or set cats on fire.

In his opinion piece, Christian Schneider is stating his viewpoint, regarding a method to the madness of the way Donald Trump's deals with those he believes oppose him. It is possible that he may have been a bully, or cruel to animals and insects as a child. We do know that he is a ruthless businessman with a take no prisoners attitude.

And he fires people as if he were still on the television show "The Apprentice." The means spiritedness that is called by some the Trump effect can be felt throughout the nation.

The only solution is to remove Donald Trump from office

President Donald Trump is a 71-year-old male, who has done things his way and seen results.

He more than likely is not capable of changing and becoming more presidential, and probably does not want to. Number 45 may be wondering what all the fuss is about because in his eyes he is winning. His supporters will defend his every action and cast people like Christian Schneider in a negative light.

The sickening fetish for cruelty is a part of who Donald J Trump is and will always be with him.The only way to be rid of it is to vote the President out in the next election or to impeach and remove him from finishing his current term. The "USA Today" article should at least provoke thought, from ardent Trump supporters. And if nothing else they should wonder what it is they are missing that everyone else is seeing. The man they adore is considered a self-centered, narcissistic bully by others.