According to recent scientific research, published at, adult obesity rates are above 20 percent in all American states, reaching up to 36 percent in some. Clearly, obesity has become a full-blown epidemic. How can America combat this? The fat acceptance movement does not seem to be the answer.

Fat activism vs fat criticism

The fat acceptance movement (fativism, fat activism or size acceptance) is a social movement built around the premise that the social bias towards overweight individuals needs to be challenged and changed. Undoubtedly, anti-fat bias exists but where is the line between fighting discrimination and encouraging self-destruction?

The movement seems to be struggling with defining that.

National Post columnist and cultural critic, Barbara Kay writes: "Why is there a fat-acceptance movement when there is no tobacco-acceptance movement? Fat acceptance is not the answer. Not everyone can be thin, but just about everybody can avoid being obese."

Boston Globe columnist, Cathy Young is of a similar opinion, concluding: "The fat acceptance movement is hazardous to our health. The dangers of severe obesity are well-established, and the evidence keeps coming in. Fit and fat? Not likely."

The paradoxical nature of fativism

Fativism is contradicting and paradoxical in its nature. While most people probably agree that individuals suffering from obesity need to be helped, the fact that they are being given excuses, with their self-destruction accepted and to an extent even encouraged, speaks volumes about the dangers of this movement.

Despite researchers, journalists, doctors, and experts loudly stating unpopular opinions and risking their careers, the fact acceptance movement does not seem to be losing momentum. Although some would say, widely ridiculed, fativism is stronger than ever and, in combination with the grotesque PC culture, it is doing more harm than good for overweight and obese individuals.

Everyone who dares criticize the movement is labeled as an intolerant, right-wing monster. Where will this lead us? This can only help the obesity epidemic grown faster than ever. Self-destructive attitudes and behaviors should not be accepted, encouraged or glorified.

In the end, this will affect those that need help more than anyone else and it will affect them negatively, destroying their health and quality of life in the process.