Tyrod Taylor has a concussion, and he cannot afford to be injured because he has to find a new contract at the end of the season. The Bills could have started over with a new head coach, and Taylor could have been a part of a resurgence of the franchise. The team is now set back quite a lot, and they will be in a position where they must wait to see if their new regime will have any real success. One must wonder if the Bills will let Taylor go at the end of the season for fear that he may be injury prone.

NFL team are very reactionary

Taylor may be someone who has one concussion but is never concussed ever again.

There are many teams that will run away from a player that they will be injured all the time, and concussions are a new buzz word in the NFL that will cause teams to take a pause on a player. Taylor is a good player who needs more time to prove himself with a new team, and now he is waiting until he gets out of the Concussion Protocol to play.

They are in a bad situation

Taylor would ask for quite a lot of money at the end of the season which he would be owed simply because he has been a solid quarterback. The league needs as many players like him as it can find, and it is possible that the Bills will feel paying Taylor is better than waiting for a draft pick who may or may not be any good. The two parties will be stuck in a relationship that they may not be very happy with, and someone who wants to sign him could be priced out of the market.

The pre-season strikes again

The pre-season has stolen another player from a team that needed him, and it would give more reason for the league to move on to a different format for this part of the calendar. There are many players who simply do not need to be playing, and I have to wonder how much the Bills staff needed to see before they were prepared to run their offense.

They have had more than enough practice time, and I believe that they could have gone without playing their starters at all. That may become a trend in the NFL, but it is not at this time.

I hope that Tyrod comes out of the concussion protocol healthy and ready to play. He is a very good player who could be amazing under the right coach.

We know that Sean McDermott knows what he is doing, but he needs to have his signal caller on the field to play. The two of them could grow into a nice partnership, but that partnership might not even start the season together. Someone who loves the Bills must feel it right about now, and the pre-season is to blame.