The Cleveland Cavaliers have held up their trade for isaiah thomas because they are not happy with the results of his physical. He has a hip injury, but this was widely known across the league. We are now left to wonder if he will end up in Cleveland, if the Cavs will want more from Boston, or if the trade will go through as it was agreed upon previously. The Cavs could have done their homework, but it appears they were desperate to trade Isaiah. This is what happens when bad franchises try to make trades.

The Cavs had to move Irving

Kyrie Irving was simply not willing to play with LeBron James this season, and he put pressure on the Cavs to trade him.

They had to do something before the season started, and they would have been much happier had they planned this trade with a bit more forethought. They do not want Irving in training camp, and moving him to Boston was the best deal they could find. Bad teams tend to make desperate moves, and that is what the Cavaliers have chosen to do. Their resources could have been used better in other trades, and they were not willing to wait purely. Because Irving did not want to play with LeBron James.

Thomas was not happy

Isaiah Thomas gave everything he had to the Celtics, and they traded him to the team that they just lost to in the playoffs. That alone was probably not a pleasant experience for Thomas, and I can imagine that he wanted to stay in Boston to play with Gordon Hayward.

He cannot do that if the Celtics think Irving is the better option, and his hip injury likely had something to do with it. They did not want to pay him the money that he would make in a max contract, and now they may have to find another trade partner or give up more of those assets that they. have been hoarding for these past few years.

They should have known

The Cavaliers had to have known that Thomas had a bad hip that the Celtics were concerned about. The fact that they went through this trade praying that the physical would go well goes a long way to explaining how much they needed David Griffin. He was not renewed at the end of the season, and they are suffering because they cannot make proper decisions about their players.

This trade would work for other teams, and they may even accept Thomas with the hip problems he has. The Cavs cannot do this, and it would be silly for them to not ask for more in the trade. This situation has come about because the Cavs did not want to wait, and it has stung both parties.