If there is an NBA award for being the toughest player, willing to do whatever it takes for his team, isaiah thomas of the Boston Celtics has definitely earned it. As if the back half of the current NBA season hasn't been grueling enough, Thomas has been dealing with the shocking loss of his sister and now he can also say goodbye to his front tooth.

Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards game 1

It was during the first game of the second round of the NBA Playoffs when Isaiah Thomas lost his tooth. The game started off with a bang and what looked like an instant lead by the Washington Wizards.

Then, in a freak accident of a play, Isaiah Thomas ran into Otto Porter's elbow and the force knocked his front tooth right out.

Isaiah Thomas was seen picking his tooth up off the floor and delivering it to the sidelines before heading right back in the game. If that doesn't prove just how tough of a player Thomas is, what happened next makes his elite performance unquestionable.

After losing his front tooth and returning to the Wizards vs. Celtics game in round 2 of the NBA Playoffs, Isaiah Thomas quickly drained two 3-point shots and brought the Celtics even closer to tying up the game. We all knew that the series between the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards was going to get physical but who knew it would be this bad?

During a timeout, the Boston Celtics' team doctor was able to place Isaiah Thoms' tooth back in his mouth, reposition it and now he is playing with his tooth in his mouth. Some have been busy with the "I told you so's" on Twitter, reminding everyone that the loss of Isaiah Thomas' tooth is the reason why NBA stars need to wear mouth guards.


Isaiah Thomas still mourning the loss of his sister

Adding insult to injury, literally, is that Isaiah Thomas is still mourning the loss of his sister. Just last night, Isaiah attended the funeral for Chyna Thomas and still managed to make it to Game 1 against the Washington Wizards today.

Chyna Thomas was killed in a single-car accident in Federal Way, Washington on April 15.

She was only 22 years old. Isaiah Thomas flew back home to be with family and friends once in the time since his sister's death. He left practice on the day he learned of her death but hasn't missed a single game. Isaiah Thomas was criticized for showing up to play in a game on the day after Chyna's death because he cried on the court before the game began.

Isaiah Thomas is still grieving the loss of his sister, Chyna Thomas. The Boston Celtics point guard recently admitted that he's "still not there" mentally but you couldn't tell by watching him play. Thomas has gone all in for his team in the 2017 NBA Playoffs, making him one of the toughest competitors on the basketball court.