Sonny Gray was unable to record a win in his debut as a Yankee. Hoping to change that last night was unsuccessful. The Blue Jays shut out the Yankees 4-0 on August 10th, and Gray was unable to help his new team get the win.

Not what the Yankees expected

When Sonny Gray was traded to the Yankees he promised his team a pennant race but then the offense and defense died on him. His starts have been mediocre. But if Aaron Judge continues to strike out and the Yankees don't score he will not perform well on the mound.

Sonny Gray didn't come out to play

It is not to say that Gray isn't talented as he is a competitor and loves to compete. He has a good curveball. Below is a preview of his curveball in action against the Blue Jays. But at the same time the anticipation and hype for Gray joining the Yankees and being such a great asset and addition to the club is looking sour now.

Remember when ESPN kept talking about how Sonny Gray was the greatest thing to happen to the Yankees since Derek Jeter?

That's looking pretty hilarious right now.

Yankees vs. Jays

Sonny Gray claimed that he didn't pitch great against the Jays. He gave Toronto too many free passes and didn't throw enough quality strikes.

Gray was able to be honest that he didn't perform well against them and that is fair and respectable. Own up to your mistakes and move on. There's no sense dragging on the lose. In baseball, you have to move on from things like this and hope to play better in your next start.

Let's not forget that the Blue Jays are still in last place in their division and the Yankees are in a playoff spot.

But again this means that the Yankees should have easily beat the Jays. But let's not forget either that the Jays have a winning record against the Yankees this year and the Jays beat the Yankees in this series.

Fans aren't thrilled

Many fans don't really see what the big deal was about Sonny Gray. According to Twitter, a 6 inning 2 ER pitcher was worth 3 prospects. This is being questioned a lot as it is controversial. With him, the Yankees are still the 4th best team in the AL. Many just don't see the big deal why people wanted him so much. Sonny Gray was obviously of high interest for a while.

There's no question that he is a good pitcher. Maybe it is the transition to a new team. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned things around quickly. But only time will tell and we can't say for sure. It is a team effort. It all depends on the Yankees offense as well. If Aaron Judge can start hitting home runs again then maybe things will turn out for the better. But let's face it, the Red Sox are not dropping in the standings.