As the trade deadline has come to an end, many trades accumulated in MLB. One of the biggest ones was definitely The New York yankees acquiring Sonny Gray from the Oakland Athletics. The 27-year-old is definitely not a youngster, but at the same time, he isn't even near the end of this career yet. He is one of those pitchers that is talked about a lot.

Sonny Gray shines bright with the Yankees

In regards to his season so far, he posted a 6-5 record with a 3.43 ERA.

He pitched 97 innings with 94 strikeouts. His ERA is definitely respectable and the Yankees definitely didn't waste any time acquiring him. Sonny Gray has been in constant hype in terms of trade talks for a while along with other players like Jose Quintana who is now with the Chicago Cubs. The Yankees are the type of team that will go after those star players. He looks pretty good in a Yankees stripped uniform and I'm sure Joe Gerardi will be expecting good things from him.

He definitely anticipates good production and numbers as any coach would expect this of him. But let's not forget that The 27-year-old has suffered with injuries over the past two seasons, as he only made 22 starts in 2016 and 16 starts this season.

Injuries are always a red flag when it comes to players, but it shouldn't stop a team from acquiring a player. It is all about recovery and rehab. Look at Derrick Rose and the Cavaliers. The Yankees landing Gray was a high desire and hope even after acquiring Garcia. The Yankees won't ever stop or settle.

Yankees surprised us

To be perfectly honest: nobody really anticipated the Yankees to be trade-deadline contenders. The Yankees’ future as many already anticipated at the start of the season was bright, but Aaron Judge came in and blew us away.

Who could forget his Home Run Derby performance? It was pretty much unreal! The first-place Bronx Bombers have been better than expected, and entering on trade-deadline day at 56-47, they owned a half-game lead in the division over the Boston Red Sox. None other than their rivals.

So when they had the chance to acquire Sonny Gray, they didn’t hesitate. The Yankees are the type of team to spend money. They are obviously pushing hard this year to go all the way. It will be really exciting to see how far they can go. Everything is just jelling well for them. It is all coming together for them nicely.

What the Yankees gave up for Gray

The Yankees have given up three good young players in Dustin Fowler, Jorge Mateo and James Kaprielian to get Sonny Gray.

That’s an impressive arrival for the Athletics, but it’s an even better move for the Yankees. So you can say it is a win-win situation for the Yankees. They helped out Oakland, but at the same time they made a better move by attaining Gray. Just look at what the A's gave when the Blue Jays acquired Josh Donaldson. The 'Bringer of Rain' and the 2015 MVP (Most Valuable Player).