A group of panelists on "Anderson Cooper Live" on Tuesday night cited a recent "CNN" poll which indicated that only 24% of U.S. citizens believe anything Donald Trump says. A study done by "Business Insider" revealed that only 36% of Americans trust The President. His approval rating is sliding, but the Donald seems unwilling to change.

The Trump factor is working against the President

The ugly comments aimed at those who oppose him, the Twitter rants and the continual lies from the President, have taken a toll, and the American people are tired.

U.S. citizens are weary of the Trump effect, and now it is actually working against the commander in chief. Americans desire our leader to be more presidential, but unfortunately, there is no indication this is going to happen. His antics have even caused number 45's administration to be referred to as a "freak show."

Donald Trump continues to utilize fake news, and change facts as he goes along, continues to utilize fake news, and change facts as he goes along. And now he is doing something very dangerous, that may put many lives in jeopardy. The game he is playing with North Korea has many people in a panic. Americans have no idea what is going to happen because of the exchanges between the U.S.

president, and Kim Jong Un.

The polls indicate growing unrest

The results of the polls done by "Business Insider," and CNN are proof positive that there are more Americans against Donald Trump, than those who are in his corner. If the president acually pays attention to these survey results he needs to make some changes fast.

He is about to hit rock bottom with the people he swore to serve and protect. His approval rating is decreasing fast, and this indicates gfrowing unrest in this nation.

Donald Trump needs to remember that it is not about him, buthe good of this nation. He should be forced to stop playing games with the ruler of North Korea, and making threats he cannot back up.

This is not "The Apprentice," and neither is it a video game. This is the real world and lives are at stake. Those who are able to get the ear of our commander in chief really need to do all they can to reign him in. Increasing numbers of Americans want him out of office, and he really does need to pay attention to the polls.

The president needs to make necessary changeds fast, or he possibly may find himself impeached. Continuing down the unwsie path he is on, and putting the nation in danger of a nulear war most certainly ensure that he will not be elected for a second term. Instead of campaigning in states where the people support him, Donald Trump needs to focus on the task at hand. He should have the well being of Americans first and foremost, asnd do all he can to prevent a world war.