On Sunday morning, CNN's Fareed Zakaria reiterated something he said in February. He referred to the Trump presidency as a "Freak Show." Zakaria made this statement in reference to a video the President posted on Twitter. It was a mock-up of Donald Trump fighting with Vince McMahon in 2007 during a WWE Wrestlemania event. Trump replaced Mr. McMahon with a log of CNN. The implication was that the President was fighting the news network and winning.

Donald Trump elicits extreme responses

Zakaria's comment comes on the heels of Republican Ana Navarro saying that Donald Trump is embarrassing, disgusting and shameful.

Prior to this Johnny Depp made a reference to a President being assassinated by an actor and Kathy Griffin holding up a severed bloody Trump doll head. Never in recent American history has one man, the leader of the free world elicited such extreme responses from Americans and the news media.

The President of the United States of America should conduct himself in an orderly manner. He should do his best to serve those in this nation well. Donald Trump said he wanted to make this country great but all he has done in 6 months is bring chaos and embarrassment. Trump’s continued attacks on the mainstream media calling anything he does not like "fake news" is disturbing. This morning, Republican Senator Ben Sasse said on CNN that the entire press should not be called out as spreading fake news and only the few offenders should be dealt with.

No change in the Trump presidency in sight

Donald Trump is not going to change. He will continue to use the expression "fake news." He is strategically utilizing this to brainwash the American people. This phrase will be used so much that when facts are brought out about the misdeeds of our POTUS no one will believe it. Zakaria is correct in his assessment that this administration has become a freak show.

Unfortunately, we are in for more entertainment from "Sideshow Bob" until he is no longer in office.

President Trump will do whatever it takes to triumph, and, as long as he believes he is winning, no one else matters. The credibility of the White House is decreasing and the world leaders are beginning to take notice. President Trump must be removed from office because, if he is not, we are in for more embarrassing, disgusting and shameful moments. Americans deserve much better and the man who is our leader should desire more for us.