Lonzo Ball had his best game yet as a Laker on Wednesday night. His third Summer League game gave the spectators his best performance so far as he filled up the stat sheet with his impressive 36 points, 11 assist, 8 rebounds, and 5 steals. More importantly, Ball carried the Lakers on his back and took them to victory in a tight match against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers were able to come back from a large deficit and clinch the victory (103-102). The deciding moment was an and-one play by Ball inside the paint with less than 22 seconds left in the game.

Ball dominates

Ball showed the world another facet and level of his game. Apart from his formidable passing skills, we were still unsure whether Lonzo also had the ability to take over a game through his scoring. On Wednesday night, he was able to dissipate these doubts. He understood that the team needed him to score, so he began to drive to the basket forcefully and at will. While it is important to not get too low or high about a performance in an NBA summer league game, one cannot overlook what Ball was able to do and the exciting potential he seems to possess.

LeBron is impressed

LeBron James was also able to witness Ball's performance firsthand. James attended the game between the Lakers and Sixers and television cameras were quick to look in his direction in different occasions.

Was James there to check Lonzo's play ? Was James already envisioning a union between Ball and himself with the Lakers next year? What is certain is that James left the game impressed. Here is what he had to say before he left the arena: "He [Ball] can really pass it."

Will Ball be like James or Kidd?

Can Ball ever come close to LeBron's level of play?

It is improbable that Ball turns into the dominant player James has become. Firstly, Ball's physical constitution disables him from being the kind of threat James is every time he drives into the paint. His lean body will help him in other categories that can highlight his agility. Ball is a big point guard, 6 ft 6 in, and while that is an advantage that will help him see over the typical smaller point guards, he is not LeBron's 6 ft 9 in.

Ball might grow a couple of inches more, who knows?

LeBron's physical attributes have played a major role in his success. However, it seems like Ball intends to let only his game speak for itself. Naturally, as his body matures so will his scoring and defense. But one thing that will remain the same is his passing instinct that makes everybody on his team better, and that is something he will share with James.

Several people have compared Lonzo Ball to future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd. Kidd was an outstanding passer. He averaged almost 9 assists for his career and could also rebound the ball very well for a point guard. However, it seems like Ball will be a better scorer than Kidd. Ball's jump shot might look unorthodox, but it is far more dangerous than that of Kidd.

In addition, Ball is more athletic than KIdd. His sneaky athleticism will help him develop into a solid finisher around the rim. It remains to be seen who Ball will resemble, but it looks like Ball can make his own mark in the NBA.