Many commentators have described Donald Trump's antics as strange since he became President of the United States, but it is unlikely they have also seen a political opponent behave in such an undignified way since they lost a presidential election. So just what is Hillary Clinton up to, exactly?

It is a difficult question to answer, but she is behaving as if she should be occupying the White House right now. Perhaps there is some truth behind that claim. After all, she did win three million more voters than Donald Trump. However, the Electoral College was not designed to enable candidates to win according to the popular vote.

It is there to enable all states to have equal representation when it comes to the distribution of votes to prevent large states like California from outvoting the rest of the population. That is what the Founding Fathers anticipated when they founded the United States. However, those are the rules and Hillary must accept that.

She is actively encouraging resistance

In a democracy, there is a considerable difference between opposing the winner's policies and undermining a democratic result. In regards to Brexit and Trump, many on the left are resulting to the latter. It is as if they are in total denial that people could choose such outcomes that they believe the establishment is working against them.

Many Democrats have been vocal in their opposition to the President, but it seems like Hillary is not only trying to overturn the current administration; she is actively encouraging resistance to it.

To be fair to President Trump, he acknowledged it could not have been easy for the Clintons to attend his inauguration. A classy comment for a guy who was condemned for a video where he said 'you've got to grab them by the pussy.' But Hillary failed to return the favor.

Earlier this year, she tweeted that everyone should step up their resistance to the current administration. Following the President's announcement of a travel ban, she publicly said: "I don't know what is happening right now."

Attention-seeking at its worst

More recently, Hillary said that seeing Donald Trump during the campaign trail "made her skin crawl." And now she has written a book called "What Really Happened", which led to the creation of a meme with a fictional book written by the President right next to it called "I Won." This is attention-seeking at its worst.

What she is probably doing is that she is taking advantage of the White House's dramas and her victory last year regarding the popular vote to build a platform of support for 2020. But that could be anybody's guess. The signs are too coincidental though.

The outcome of last year's presidential election was difficult to predict. But if President Trump achieves his goals by 2020 and the Democrats are foolish enough to nominate Hillary as their candidate again, not only will celebrities be jumping for joy, but the President will too. That's because if she does go for it again, the Republican will definitely win next time.