Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has struggled to implement his agenda. The Obamacare repeal was thrown out because many GOP senators like John McCain failed to support the motion. It is unclear how many politicians will vote for his radical tax plans that will benefit businesses and he has faced criticism over his threats to North Korea.

It is apparent there is genuine anger towards the Republicans right now among grassroots members. With the victory of former judge Roy Moore over Senator Luther Strange, who was the establishment's favorite candidate for the upcoming general election on December 12th in Alabama, they are fighting back.

The Washington Post described his triumph as a victory for populists in the party.

Republican insurgents are starting a rebellion against the establishment

Mr. Moore achieved 54 percent of the vote whilst Mr. Strange won 45 percent, according to Alabama's Secretary of State. He will now challenge the Democrats' candidate, former Alabama attorney general Doug Jones, at the end of this year. Republican insurgents are starting a rebellion against the establishment and hope to topple the current leadership of their party. It also represents a profound defeat for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is still failing to muster adequate support to repeal Obamacare

Even though the President threw his weight behind Mr.

Strange, he quickly tweeted his support for the GOP's new front-runner. He made an error supporting a candidate who has helped thwart his own agenda. It makes sense for President Trump to back a candidate who will help legislate his radical plans. Even he admitted he might have endorsed the wrong person.

It is a 'Strange' coincidence money can no longer buy candidates in American politics

The next target for conservative opponents of the GOP establishment is in Tennessee. Senator McConnell's ally, Senator Bob Corker, has announced that he will not be fighting the 2018 mid-term elections. With Steve Bannon no longer working in the White House, he will be maximizing activists' chances of replacing incumbent senators in Arizona, Nevada, and Mississippi.

Considering the funds Senator McConnell raised for Mr. Strange's campaign, it is a "Strange" coincidence that money can no longer buy candidates in American politics. That is $9 million the Senate Leadership Fund has wasted smearing Strange's opponents.

If the Republicans can win next year and elect pro-Trump candidates, this could be the transformation in fortunes that the President desperately needs. He may even start scoring legislative victories in time for 2020, but that greatly depends on Bannon's efforts.