There are a lot of amazing players in the NBA, although, none compare to the versatility of San Antonio superstar Kawhi Leonard. The small forward is a huge presence out on the floor and he makes his team significantly better. He has a variety of strengths in terms of shooting, playing stellar defense, and having a good mind for the game. In my opinion, he is the most well-rounded player in the league.

He is not the only great two-way player in the league. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and others are very close to Leonard in that regard, although, he very well could be the MVP next season.

However, I think that Kawhi stands as the greatest among all players in the league on offense and defense for these very reasons.

Vast improvement

Leonard has been improving since entering the league. He has developed into a lethal shooter during his time with the Spurs. The forward can shoot from anywhere on the court and he shot a good percentage from the three-point line. He is equally dazzling in making layups. "The Klaw" averaged 25.5 points, 3.5 assists, and 5.8 rebounds last season.

It only helps that he is led and taught by one of the greatest coaches in the league in Gregg Popovich. Popovich's silent demeanor with the media is noted, but the coach is a pure genius.


Kawhi Leonard is one of the best defensive players in the league and he has been for a while.

He can guard just about anybody on the court with his wing size and strength. Players who go up for a layup are never safe with him around.

He is able to guard some of the best players in the league in Paul George, James Harden, and even the king himself, LeBron James. No defensive assignment is too big for him to handle.


Kawhi Leonard also has a great mind for the game, he does not stray away or fear any challenge. He takes on challenges with ease and it was shown even more this past year. When the team needed him most, he showed up. In the playoffs, he put teams away by draining clutch three-pointers or shots to end the game. He has become cold blooded with his team.

Next year outlook

Everyone remembers the moment in the playoffs last year against the Golden State Warriors where the Spurs were up by over 20 points. They were about to win the first game against the undefeated Warriors. Unfortunately, Kawhi rolled his ankle on Zaza Pachulia, which some thought was a dirty play from the start. Leonard ended up re-injuring and spraining his ankle so badly that he could not return.

Due to the injury, the Spurs ended up losing the game and series easily without him. Spurs fans saw that Kawhi is the "main guy" and a star for the team, and that without him, they would lose. NBA fans can only ponder what could have been as the team had a big chance to beat the Warriors.

In my opinion, the series would have been much closer with Kawhi on the floor. I believe in him so much that they would have won the series with him. The team will be looking to challenge the Warriors next year, and this time they might just win.