Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed misogyny and Russia for her loss in the 2016 election. In her first interview since November, the former state secretary said at the Women in the World summit on Thursday that she wrestled with the fact that Trump got 53 percent of the votes of white women.

Ambitious woman perception

People’s perception of her being an ambitious woman turned Clinton into a “Typhoid Mary.” She explained that studies showed people have a different outlook when it comes to men and women in relation to ambition.

Clinton pointed out that when she stepped down as secretary of state, her approval rating was 65 percent, The Guardian reported.

She attributed the high rating to performing a job assigned by a man. However, Clinton said that there was a change in public opinion after she declared she would run for president. She compared the result of the election to what happened to Mary Mallon, the first typhoid patient in the U.S. who was quarantined and made to live alone for decades. “By the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary,” Clinton said.

Russia’s hand

But beyond her gender, she also placed the blame on Russian interference in the U.S. election. Clinton said that Russia used information as a weapon through thousands of agents, bots, and trolls.

She pushed for an independent and non-partisan investigation into the Russian involvement.

Ironically, during the campaign period, Clinton’s rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump, accused Clinton of having ties with Russia. Trump had also defended Russian President Vladimir Putin from criticisms.

CNN claimed that the reason behind Trump’s defense of Putin was because Russia was blackmailing Trump over a sex tape in the hands of Russian intelligence agencies allegedly showing the billionaire being given “golden showers” by prostitutes.

However, Putin – who is in the center of a homophobic photo controversy – also defended Trump over the “golden showers” allegations.

Putin in drag

Meanwhile, The Moscow Times reported that Russian Justice Ministry just added an image of Putin with red lips and painted eyelashes to the list of more than 4,000 banned extremist materials.

The image was one of the several photos that the Central Regional Court of Tyver banned in May 2016.

The pictures were uploaded to Vkontakte, a Russian social network, by a Russian man named A. V. Tsvetkov between June 2013 and October 2014. The court banned the photos because of the makeup on Putin – a known homophobic – “hints at the Russian president’s allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation.” Putin, in fact, has been projecting a macho image by being photographed topless while riding a horse.