Wednesday at the Recode Code Conference in California, Hillary Clinton was her most forthcoming as to why she lost to President Trump in the 2016 Election. “I take responsibility for every decision I make,” Clinton stated, “but that’s not why I lost.” The former secretary of state has announced that she is not running for president again, but she doesn’t seem able to move past November 2016.

Clinton points fingers

Clinton has said she takes “absolute personal responsibility” for her loss. This seems to be far from the truth. Clinton continues to point at the finger at everybody she possibly can to explain why she lost.

Most recently, Clinton threw the Democratic Party under the bus, saying the party was inept. “It was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong,” Clinton said at Recode. “I had to inject money into it - the DNC - to keep it going.”

The former DNC director of data science, Andrew Therriault, tweeted in response to Clinton’s remarks, “DNC data folks: today’s accusations are f------ b-------, and I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense.” Therriault has since deleted his tweet.

Clinton even took aim at traditional “left –wing media” on Wednesday. She scathed The New York Times for treating her secret server scandal “like it was Pearl Harbor.”

Speaking of her server scandal, Clinton also turned her attention to former FBI Director James Comey.

She said that her polling numbers started to fall after Comey sent a letter to Congress saying that new evidence in her case on Oct. 28. Earlier in May, Clinton stated at a Women for Women International event “if the election had been on Oct. 27, I’d be your president.

In a New York Magazine article published May 26, Clinton said she was the victim of sexism.

She stated, “I was once again vulnerable to the barrage of innuendo and negativity and attacks that come with the territory of a woman who is striving to go further.” She also mentioned Comey again, as well as referencing the Russians.

Social media's role

Clinton also mentioned the Russian interference at the Recode Code Conference.

She stated that there were 1,000 Russian agents who were posting fake news on Facebook and that “some people were sucked in.” In addition to adding Facebook to the list of reasons why she wasn’t elected, Clinton also blamed Netflix. She asserted that its conservative documentaries undermined her campaign.

Not even Donald Trump’s Twitter was safe from Clinton’s ever-growing list of reasons why she wasn’t elected. She stated that he had many fake Twitter followers that “we know [are] bots, sitting in Moscow, or Macedonia, or the White House.” Trump tweeted in response saying that “Crooked Hillary Clinton… refuses to say she was a terrible candidate.” Clinton responded with a rather humorous comeback, referencing Trump’s earlier Twitter blunder involving “covfefe”.

Speaking of the White House, it’s also former President Obama’s fault that she lost. Clinton argued that he should have come out sooner with the information about Russian meddling in the election.

Fox News composed a list of 24 things that Clinton has said are why she lost the election. The list included: The FBI, Russia, James Comey, Vladimir Putin, low information voters, Obama, sexists, suburban women, The New York Times, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Wikileaks, fake news, The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, and more.

Changing her focus

June 1 saw Clinton singing a different tune. She spoke at BookExpo about her upcoming book that she is writing about her campaign. Clinton stated that it has been very emotional and painful to write.

After a couple of hours, she said she has to “get up and go for a walk or go to bed.”

While speaking, she did not make the boisterous claims about the reasons she lost like she has in the recent past. She criticized Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, fake news and the “very serious interference” of Russia in the election. She again mentioned Russian interference and the sexism she faced. There were no comments about Comey, Obama, the DNC and Netflix.

When asked what she was going to do next, Clinton responded, “I am going to do everything I can to support the resistance.”