According to a lawsuit filed against Donald Trump on Tuesday, he colluded with a Fox News reporter and a Republican donor in order to engineer a fake news piece about murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich. Furthermore, Donald Trump apparently had a role in dictating Donald Trump Jr’s false statement regarding his Russia meetings. It’s been going on for seven months but the evidence for obstruction of justice continues to mount.

Guilty, guilty, guilty!

More damning than the act of obstruction is the establishment of a ‘consciousness of guilt’. Consciousness of guilt law allows for prosecutors to introduce testimony that shows a defendant's actions prove he knew he was guilty.

In this instance that would be; why go to all the trouble of conspiring and spreading a false narrative if you had no reason to deflect attention from your own guilt?

We have seen Donald Trump act continuously to obstruct the investigation into collusion between he, his White House, and our enemy, Russia. From the moment he fired FBI director James Comey, his flimsy house of cards began to collapse. One could almost see him frantically running about attempting to stave off total collapse.Thinking Americans know this damage control only serves to shine a brighter light on his guilt. He and his sycophants are the only ones that seem to still believe in his innocence. If we are gullible enough even to believe that.

I’m fairly certain that his own current press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, lies every time she speaks to the public for more than a few minutes. She deflects and/or avoids practically every single question asked of her. So, she speaks for the President and not herself? Are we to then ignore the smell of lickspittle she naturally carries on her as a result?

Is she not complicit in the obstruction? Why not?

No more stinking lies!

I know! I know. I’m getting used to not getting answers to direct questions. I watch press conferences every day now. The only questions that get answered are derived from discerning which lies are being told to whom. Her transparent attempts at looking softer, grinning for a second, or batting her eyes are easily obscured by her determination to obstruct freedom of information and to damage the integrity of the house in which she stands.

I say that makes her an accessory to every thing he says and does.

Poor Anthony Scaramucci! The great but not so powerful Communications Director! He was all about serving his “Boss”. He was Trumps proverbial ‘bulldog’. And he was turning out to be a smooth liar, until he had his manic episode. Ultimately, he stole too much press coverage. That was one too many sociopaths for this Oval Office. No one can share the stage with the mad king. Not no one, no how!

To those who’ve gone before and those that follow

Sean Spicer will be missed, if only for the comedic way he processed this unforgiving job. I assume that he was once a man of some semblance of honor. I watched him become a sad reflection of that in defending a sociopath.

That Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held firm this long might just be a demonstration of how similar she really is to the man she defends. I can’t imagine it not weighing heavily on a person to knowingly lie to the entire world, unless they were born without a conscience.

Finally, after Reince Priebus got fired unceremoniously, we have a Marine General assigned to babysit the Naked Emperor . The only possible way I can see that this works out well for General John Kelly, is if Donald Trump is impeached or has a stroke or something to that effect. Going to work for Donald is looking more and more like an Indiana Jones episode. Watch out for all the booby traps General Kelly!