A warm welcome to your Wednesday reading Cancer. The stars have had their say in what’s to come for your day so let’s take a look at your daily horoscope for Cancer, compiled by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson:

What to expect

Your heart was recently broken, and all you can do right now is mope around and look like a sad puppy without a home. Aww...the stars feel your pain but remind you that they are constantly working to clear your path of the evils and miscreants of this world. So don’t be so sad and look at this experience as a step in the right direction.

That person wasn’t the one, and now, with some healing, you’ll be able to put yourself back on the road to amorous success. When you’re feeling more up to it, join a group where you can exchange experiences and help each other grow. This could be something fun like a painting or dancing class. Just start meeting new people Cancer.

Family life needs your attention now Cancer, so why don’t you finally start using that stove that still looks like part of a showroom. Whip up a delicious meal for friends or family who’ll be impressed by your skills. Do your children or nephews and cousins want a play date with you? You’re never too old to bring out your inner child. Bake cookies, tell stories, play dress up: do whatever it takes to let your loved ones know that you’re there and you care.

Have you been planning on making an important investment Cancer? Well, the stars say your business contacts are sound, your finances are stable, and it’s a great time for doing business. Naturally, you’ll be sure to read the fine print, right? The color violet signals the depth of your emotions today and should you wear it, harmonious surroundings will be yours.

Your family lends their support to you in all matters, so whenever you can, and as much as possible, thank them for being there. You can never say ‘thank you,' too many times.

How to get through your day

Your inner social butterfly is usually caged up but today, Cancer, you feel a real need for human contact and surprisingly, you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone to achieve it.

This is what the stars have been waiting for my friend: for you to associate with others, learning about them and sharing things about you too. You’ve always craved acceptance, and by socializing with new people, you’re helping the universe to help you find others who will appreciate and love you for who you are, not who they think you might be. Good going!

It has been great enlightening you today with your daily horoscope for Cancer.Thank you for giving us that chance, and we really hope that you enjoyed it and will share it with your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Have a wonderful Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing you soon.