Welcome to Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Taurus. Here is what's in store for you today:

What to expect

Be alert today, as several opportunities come waltzing your way. The color white should be utilized as much as possible to channel good luck. Stay away from confrontation, and, if you can, try to assuage those who would rather battle it out than calmly work out their differences. Things will work in your favor -- be it at work or at home. Speaking of home, any domestic projects that you’ve had outstanding can be completed quickly now with the help of your family.

Everyone is happy to chip in for an evening of quality bonding.

An underlying current in a situation threatens to rush forward today, sweeping away all sense of logic from its path. All you really wanted was for people to leave you out of this mess so that you could enjoy some peace and quiet. But you know better. What’s ever quiet in the typical day of a Taurus? Help as much as you can for the earlier part of the day, but when the afternoon hits, turn off your phone and enjoy some semblance of serenity.

Love takes over your mind, your heart, your body, and soul. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a partner because you’re caring, sensual, generous, and protective. Whether it’s platonic love or a romantic endeavor, share your abundant blessings and talent with everyone.

You’ll be surprised at how fast your worries dissipate and how many new friends you make. They’ll be your stalwarts in your time of need.

You’ll be interested later on today in burning off some excess energy. However, you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Horseback riding could be an option, so too can latin dancing.

When you’re finished and need to relax, head to the theater for a laugh or deep thinking. Drama is always fun, as long as it’s not yours, Taurus. Mingle tonight with the audience after the show or head off to another gathering. Keep busy and continue to increase your network. Someone special might emerge.

To get through your day

The mystery of the unknown has always held a special attraction for you, and today your curiosity hits its peak. Do you need to get gifts for upcoming birthdays or anniversaries? Seduce your senses with great bargains from hard to find specialty stores. Little kiosks not found on the beaten path hold great treasures if you just know where to look. Something is summoning you and your heart won’t let you ignore the call. Be open to adventure and new discoveries today!

That was your daily horoscope for Taurus. Have a wonderful day.