In today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Monkey, Astrologer Megan Wilson communes with the stars to guide you today in different aspects of your life. Keep reading and we hope you enjoy.

What to expect

General: Sometimes things just don’t make sense. You try to piece things together in your life but they just will not stick. Every day may not be the best day but the stars will be sprinkling some positive energy in your direction and everything will come together soon. Expect gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow today. Because you are so direct, someone who can assist you in the future will pay attention.

Keep that focus on being that type of person. It’s better to be clear and direct that closed off and without proper communication. Some people may view some of your habits as strange and may raise an eyebrow, however, your sense of humor will surely make them forget what they were previously thinking about.

Career: Your financial situation may not have been the best in recent times but there is good news. Astrologers have deciphered from the stars on your behalf and have said that you should not be discouraged. You can expect a splash of excellent financial news. The stars have taken notice of you and will be keen to shine positive things in your career and finance. Your colleagues will seek work advice and your superiors will do more than just consider you, they will call you in for a chat for a potential promotion.

However, take note that you must tie up all and any loose ends that may hinder your growth. Do not pass them onto someone else, do not procrastinate, just get it done. If you procrastinate you will be distracted by other things. Today your phone will cause a considerable distraction. You don’t need to talk gossip today. Ignore these unimportant things that will hinder you at work today

Love and relationships: The love of your life will be noticing your every move and every trait today.

It is a good day to show your partner how much you are well worth their attention. Be honest about your feelings and show love in simple tangible ways. Have their favorite morning beverage waiting for them at the table before they head out to work. Share a passionate kiss just before they walk out the door. Simple gestures add up and create pieces to a beautiful puzzle of life.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, keep hope alive. Things will get better. Also, be yourself as that will help you get noticed by the right people. Love with your all and you will surely reap great rewards.

Well, that’s it for your daily Chinese horoscope for Monkey. As usual, the pleasure was ours and we do hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that you will share with your friends and family on social media.