In today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Pig, we commune with the stars to decipher what they have to say to you. We appreciate you being here so keep reading for more on your career and relationships.

What to expect

General: It’s finally happening! It’s finally here! The energy of the universe has come together to merge all the good things and send them your way. That extra cash that you have been waiting on has been delivered in the mail. You have won a day at the spa. What luck! What excitement. Relax and enjoy this spa day this afternoon. It could not have come at a better time as you were feeling like your body was heading for the breaking point.

Rejuvenation is finally here so indulge your senses. It will create harmony for your during the rest of the week.

Career: Normally the stars would advise you to act with a modicum of modesty but today is not that day. Feel free to give yourself a pat on the back. Let’s hear you toot your own horn..toot...toot. Your bosses are looking at everyone today so let them know that you can do the job with diligence and excellent time management skills. In fact, send a message out to let your work colleagues speak good things about you just within listening range of your superiors. You would do it for them so they should do it for you.

Love & Relationships: It’s going to be a monumental scene between you and your landlord, or maybe your loved one...or both.

But wait a minute, according to the Zodiac you are generally very calm. Now is the time to tune into that calm nature. Things will be toned down significantly if you create an atmosphere of peace which facilitates discussion. Your loved one deserves the benefit of the doubt and therefore you should listen carefully even if you are upset.

Things may be said in haste that may cause a rift in your relationship so the stars advise that you take a step back.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, make use of your networking and contacts. Maintain a sense of calm throughout the day except when you receive what you have been looking forward to. Embrace life and enjoy your day regardless of the situation.

These kinds of moments where everything seems to be working perfectly do not come around often so embrace the moment. In terms of love tap into your generally serene nature in order to quiet a raucous situation.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Pig. Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading and gained some awesome insight, and be sure to check us at another time.