Welcome to Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Gemini. Here is what you can look forward to for today:

What to expect

You’ll need to put your mojo to work later today to cheer up a close friend. Despite your hectic day, you’re looking forward to partying tonight and the thought of staying home and listening to a sob story makes you do a double take. You want to be creative and be stimulated so there must be a way forward. This friend means lots to you, so, in true form, you think the best way to get them out of a slump is to party alongside you. Surprise, surprise.

Do your best to turn things around for them and focus on showing them how great life can be if they’d only let it.

Children stamp their feet when they don’t get their way and today, you’re looking to follow suit. Things don’t always go according to plan but the beauty of your nature is that you’re really adaptable to whatever comes your way. Dust yourself off and make new plans. Somewhere along the line, you’ll realize that the shift in direction today happened for a great reason.

Orange is your lucky color today that should brighten your mood and pull toward you a positive vibe. Little hindrances at the office are commonplace, Gemini, but you’re so used to these now that they really don’t get under your skin like before.

Use your work as a distraction but don’t fail to help those around you who may need some assistance. Your charitable nature makes you very popular and attracts the attention of your superiors. The stars say you’d make a great manager or executive and you couldn’t agree more.

How to get through your day

Your thoughts are muddled today when it comes to love.

Clarity is clouded but you know you must get this sorted out now. There are lots of options at your disposal but you are leaning toward just one in particular. You can’t remember when you last felt like this about anyone and you don’t want to mess this up. You might be reading too much into the person’s responses to you or not enough.

With all this fussing, you’re sure to run into a brick wall. Why not ask the stars for guidance or consult with a trusted friend for a quick epiphany? If you want some advice, why not speak with the person directly and see what’s really going on? Your direct approach could possibly win you brownie points.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Gemini. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, and be sure to come back tomorrow to find out more during your next reading.