Hey, Cancers! Happy Saturday! Welcome to your daily horoscope! Astrologer Megan Wilson explains in full detail what the stars want to tell you for today. Have you been wondering about the past, present, and future? Today's Horoscope takes a look at what you can expect and how to go about your day.

What to expect

Today, Cancer, you might be dealing with some challenges that make climbing Mount Everest look like an easy trip to your front door. You don’t have to let these obstacles stand in your way, or hinder you from achieving your goals. These obstacles may seem insurmountable, but you do not have to let them stand in your way.

Today, the Moon is direct in Virgo and this will bring you Good News and Good Luck to you, Cancer. Now is an ideal time to invest in a new business or to buy income-producing property. You’ve got big hopes and dreams, Cancer, however, your self-doubt can slow things down. Do you feel those doubts creeping in, Cancer? Today could be such a day where you might be asking yourself if you are good enough.

Even you feel the occasional urge to let the world see just how good you are at what you do. It's not every day that you give into that urge, but at the moment, it might be irresistible to do just that. So, go ahead, says Astrologer Megan Wilson. The heavens know that you've worked long and hard to get where you are in your field, so don't be afraid to show it and shine brightly.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Cancer, use the resources that you have to handle life's challenges. Imagine yourself as an Olympic track star, pushing toward the finish line. Sure, times might be hard right now, but they'll definitely get better. When you do win, it will be sweet. In order to succeed, consider all the options and trust your instincts.

Take the time to observe, collect data, and arrange facts in an orderly manner. If you are addicted to any bad habits and you want to get rid of them, start from today. Today is your day to introspect and you should make use of this time to know yourself better and create a long-term plan to achieve your goals.

Hey, Cancer -- the stars want you to get this message: if you are addicted to any bad habits that you want to get rid of, start from today.

Use this day to introspect and get to know yourself better and create a long-term plan to achieve your goals.

So, Cancer, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Thanks for reading and have a Happy Saturday! Please share this reading with a fellow Cancerian!