You may have seen him at Trump gatherings during the 2016 campaign or noticed him just behind the president on his right side during the rally in Arkansas. He's a young exuberant black male, who seems to be an ardent supporter of number 45. Some said it was a publicity stunt or he was planted in the crowd. Others believe he must have been paid to show up and hold a sign. "CNN's" Brooke Baldwin has now uncovered the mystery of who this fellow is.

The black man who follows Donald Trump

During Donald Trump"s campaign in Arkansas, there was a young black man behind on his right side.

He was holding a sign saying "Blacks for Trump." He was jumping and nodding in agreement with every word that came from number 45's mouth. Many Americans have been curious and some African Americans called him a token. "CNN" announced on Wednesday that they have uncovered the young man's identity.

He is calling himself Michael the black man, but his real name is Maurice Symonette and he is very controversial. According to "CNN," the very outspoken Symonette has called Democrats slave masters and said Hilary Clinton was a member of the KKK and that the Ku Klux Klan actually placed Barack Obama in office. These unfunded and outlandish statements sound like Michael simply wants publicity, and now he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

The Donald seems to have no problem with Michael

It has been reported that 8 percent of African Americans voted for Donald Trump and some still support him. Maurice Simonette could simply show up and keep silent. Instead, he names himself "Michael the black man" when one glance at him lets everyone know that he is African American.

It is also obvious that number 45 and his security team do not feel this young man poses any threat because as wacky as he is, Michael The Black Man is allowed to be in close proximity to the president.

In one video clip, the Donald is shown turning around speaking to Simonette. In another, he looks at the sign and replies,"I like that, blacks for Trump." This is why some Americans believe it is all a publicity stunt and Michael The Black Man is being paid.

In one video there are several other blacks males with Maurice and they are all wearing T shirts that say that Donald Trump and the Republicans are not racist. During the "CNN" interview, however, he insisted to Jessica Snyder, that he is not getting any money, and he simply is a loyal supporter of our 45th president.