Donald Trump continues to boldly support those who openly express hate for Americans who are different. In a press conference, he said that the individuals who initiated the rally in Charlottesville, Va., were "very fine people." In Arkansas, he said that Sheriff Arpaio who has a record of racist actions against Latino Americans is a good guy. The United States president is making excuses for white supremacist, the KKK, and Neo-Nazi's.

Trump supporters don't see the light

Americans who continue to support Donald Trump defend his every move. They say people misunderstand and that the president is not a racist.

Ironically, Number 45 said the same thing about Steve Bannon. The fact that this issue has to be addressed speaks volumes. If you have to defend the president all the time, this should be a red flag. Those who support him must constantly downplay his horrible comments and say that he is misunderstood.

They must attempt to spin things because they are unable to admit the truth. They willfully choose not to see the light of truth. These Trump loyalists believe that fake news and alternative facts are the problems and that liberals are mad because Hillary lost. These deluded Americans honestly believe the president is getting a raw deal. They are defensive and easily offended and will say only good things about the POTUS no matter what -- and will not admit that number 45 associates with those who promote hate and are racist.

Donald Trump is dangerous

CNN just showed a clip of the Donald bragging about his success, and how big his apartment is. This is definitely not very presidential behavior. It is troubling that any self-respecting American can continue to support this man, but they do. Any man who says there are very fine people in these hate groups is dangerous.

Donald Trump is a dangerous man who continues to incite hate, and his fan base loves it.

According to a CNN poll, the president's approval rating has dipped to 30%, yet he continues with his divisive rhetoric. As long as he is in office, he will continue with his hateful speech and racist code words that please Americans who dislike anyone different from themselves.

Number 45 was elected to serve the entire United States, but he only holds rallies in states that support him.

You never hear of the president going to speak to the Anti-defamation league, the NAACP, or any organization that supports minorities, or the LGBTQ community. Donald Trump seems to only like controversy, which is why he wants to pardon sheriff Arpaio, a man who openly targets Latino Americans. Shame on number 45.