Raspy voice, thick Texas accent, obsession with Christianity, constant paranoia and intense mood shifts: this is what the average Alex Jones YouTube video offers. The American radio host has become a prominent media figure, whether we like it or not. The man has, without a doubt, worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today, but how is it possible that people take him seriously? Is this what it takes to be an influential journalist today?

The anti-journalist

Instead of focusing on facts and reliable sources, Alex Jones cherry-picks information that fits his twisted narrative.

Instead of remaining calm and unbiased, Alex Jones is intense, overly-emotional and does not care, in the slightest, for the truth. He is what every journalist should not be, yet he is one of America's most prominent and most notorious online "celebrities."

What's his secret? Alex Jones is entertaining. That is what it all comes down to. Most of his claims could get debunked and probably have, but that does not matter in the grand scheme of things. All that it matters is that he offers what others do not -- entertainment, or rather, infotainment. Alex Jones is the personification of what today's media has reduced itself to, and he does not intend going away. Why would he? He has a loyal fan base, millions of people tune in and listen to him spout nonsense every single day.

This is why he is dangerous.

The danger

At a glance, Alex Jones may not pose a real danger. After all, isn't he just an entertainer? Unfortunately, he has transformed into a leader of sorts. The American people are disappointed, angry and in desperate need of unbiased information. Since the mainstream media has let the public down, along with the political elite of the country, the people have started turning to new media and alternative media instead.

This has given a lot of maneuver space for individuals like Mr. Jones to enter the mainstream pollute the collective consciousness of the nation.

The current sociopolitical climate in the United States is the perfect breeding ground for anti-journalists and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Most episodes of his radio shows are permeated with antisemitism, false claims, fact-twisting and loud, obnoxious far-right rants, delivered in a screaming tone and Alex's signature, raspy Texas drawl.

There is a fine line between insanity, slander, manipulation, and Freedom Of Speech and Alex Jones has crossed it countless times. As a journalist and an influential public figure, he has the moral obligation to at least somewhat objective, but he chooses to do the opposite.