political correctness has marked an era. We will remember the year 2016 by Donald Trump winning the presidential election in the United States and by PC culture running amok. Seemingly unrelated, these two sociological phenomenons go hand-in-hand. Would Trump have won if political correctness had not caused a revolt?

What's the point?

What is the point of shoving extreme political correctness down our throats? Consequently, is the refusal of political correctness nothing more than nostalgia for hate? A lot has happened over the past few years. The SJW (Social Justice Warrior - a pejorative term for an individual promoting "progressive" views) culture has risen and entered the mainstream with brute force.

The rise was coordinated, monstrous, and almost militant. Was this an organic occurrence or something orchestrated and engineered by the "powers that be"?

It is difficult to draw a single conclusion, but one can't help but notice the emerging patterns. The entertainment industry, along with the mainstream media, has been shifting paradigms and changing narratives, spreading propaganda and feeding disinformation to the public. That is the way it has always been, but this time "progressive," far-left concepts, were in the epicenter of the tectonic shifts that have shaken the country to its core.

Censorship masquerading as tolerance

Clearly, this fueled the far right to come up with their own response to political correctness.

America is now a heavily divided country. The 2016 presidential election was just the cherry on top, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the ring, entertaining the nation and turning American politics into a theater of the absurd. Ironically, these two polar opposites, the far left and the far right, have a lot more in common than either would like to admit.

Losing momentum

Social justice warriors and PC culture are losing momentum. Has this coincided with Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States, or was it the far right that killed the momentum by responding in an equally aggressive manner? Donald Trump is the poster boy of the anti-PC movement, just like Hillary Clinton unsuccessfully attempted to embody every quasi-liberal attitude the average SJW has.

These two political figures, along with their campaign teams, seem to have ridden the waves of these two opposing concepts, further dividing the already-fractured country. What are the consequences? The United States is currently a chaotic, screaming mess of contradictions. The current public discourse in the United States resembles a post-apocalyptic scenery from a dystopian novel. Bruised, burnt, torn down, and divided. We may need to start from scratch if we ever want to reach anything resembling normalcy, dialogue, and tolerance.