Since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, both the President's opposition and his White House have been preparing to battle over the investigation over the President's possible collusion with Russian officials. The Department of Justice named special prosecutor Robert Mueller (also a former FBI director) while Trump and his aides have been lawyering up. Really, with each report about the expansion of the investigation against President Trump, he has only shifted those who make up his wall of legal defense, one of those recent additions in the last two months was Mark Corallo.

Corallo not okay with attacking Mueller

As reported, Corallo's role was to be the spokesman for Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz and had requested that he operate from a more external position as opposed to being within the White House walls like the other attorneys. It was also reported that he had resigned from his position on Thursday due to his frustrations with the legal operation to defend President Trump. In fact, their mission to defend Trump has reportedly developed as an attempt to ruin the special prosecutor's credibility.

It's also the view that due to Corallo's government background, he has little motive or taste to say anything bad about Mueller which likely put him at odds with Trump's defense.

Most recently, Corallo took the lead in a spin operation against Democrats over the recent story that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin lawyer last year. Over the weekend when the New York Times broke the story, the Sinclair Broadcast Group's Circa News published a story that quoted Corallo about the meeting being a "set up".

Corallo played a role in Trump Jr. conspiracy

On behalf of the defense team, Corallo said that they had been investigating the details of the meeting and determined that the person who organized the meeting was a Democratic operative. He attempted to make the connection that Democrats had initially set up the Trump family to make it seem as if the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians.

On that Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was on Fox News with Chris Wallace where he referred to the Circa News article as the cited source. Over the months of Trump's presidency, there have been endless reports of a White House in Chaos and warring factions.

One view from some who are apparently familiar with the matter reportedly told Politico in an article titled: "Spokesman for Trump’s legal team resigns just two months after starting" that Mark Corallo wasn't sure if he was being told the truth in various situations. The White House contact also seemed to confirm that Corallo did not like the fact that the administration was trying to target Robert Mueller. The chaos at the White House has not subsided since Corallo left. As a matter of fact, with Scaramucci being added, it's been reported that the White House has only become more chaotic.