A report written by Lianne Laurence and published on LifeSiteNews has already stirred up a lot of controversy. The story has gone viral, perhaps because it speaks volumes about the state America is currently in. Forty one families have pulled their children (seventy three little boys and girls, at the moment of writing this) from the Sacramento-area Rocklin Academy charter schools. The reason? A kindergarten Transgender lesson.

The story

What started the entire controversy was a little boy who was reintroduced to his classmates as a girl -- after appearing before class in girl's clothes.

This prompted the teacher to read a pro-transgender poem. However, it is still not clear what exactly went down afterward, since the board and the teacher refused to tell parents. But, the board's version of the story differs from what five-year-olds told their parents, which prompted one of the parents to tell LifeSiteNews that they "felt betrayed."

Another parent added: "They were saying, ‘your kids will surprise you, they’re so accepting and loving.' They were there to tell us parents to get out of the way.”

Reportedly, children felt traumatized and disturbed after the lesson, afraid that they too would "change."

The fine line between transphobia and propaganda

Where do we draw the line between transphobia and propaganda?

Schools would, clearly, be a great start. There is a difference between education and indoctrination. If teachers allow themselves to get carried away and let their personal biases translate into the classroom, children all across the United States will feel traumatized. The Rocklin Academy controversy is a great example.

The United States remains a heavily divided society where hysteria and confusion breed havoc.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the far right and the far left, fat acceptance, social justice warriors -- this is what the American public discourse looks like. And each of these echo chambers seems to be so intensely focused on spreading their own propaganda that they aren't afraid to jeopardize the safety and mental health of American children.

One can't help but wonder: What's next? What will American children be taught in schools? What will become the new norm? Will we take away their childhood and drag them into the vortex that is today's America? It's hard to tell, but whatever happens, let's hope children grow up to be functional and productive members of our society.