Donald Trump is a controversial figure and we all know that. He thrives on controversy and chaos and the attention that he gets is what keeps him afloat, what saves him from falling flat on his face whenever he messes up. The public and the media are obsessed with Trump and it's become an incredibly daunting and time consuming task to load a news website or turn on the television without seeing his face.

The fine line between unhealthy obsession and lynching

When it comes to Donald Trump, the line between Obsession and lynching has been blurred. The media keeps falling for his cheap tricks, taking shots at Trump's appearance, body language and irrelevant tweets, while he continues to make important decisions.

As a skilled persuader and media manipulator, Trump is well aware of the attention he gets, which is why he often throws bones to the public, makes diversions and fabricates issues, causing distraction and confusion.

His loyal fan base cannot get enough of his PR maneuvers, mistaking them for important political decisions, while his opponents keep losing focus. Who is there to oppose Trump anyway, except the profit-driven media that keeps lynching him? The left should produce an organic response to Trump, but since they're sticking to their guns and resisting change, the response remains mild and undefined.

The American public is wandering aimlessly, not knowing where or who to turn to. In the mean time, Trump is doing what he wants to do and there's nothing standing in his way.

The failed attempt to repeal Obamacare is already forgotten and in the shadow of the transgender military ban, a much less important issue.

4 or 8 more years of this?

Will the media ever get tired of treating Trump like a clown? It seems like they will not and since The Democratic Party has chosen to stay the same and push the likes of Hillary Clinton into the limelight, it's hard to tell whether we'll get 4 or 8 more years of this schizophrenic ambient.

If things keep going the way they currently are, Trump will win again in 2020. Who is he supposed to compete against, anyway? If the mainstream media keeps pushing important issues to the side and focusing on banalities, the far-right will gain momentum and grow stronger, with anti-journalists like Alex Jones acting as preachers and leaders, hypnotizing, misinforming and further dividing the nation. What will America look like in 8 years time?