Donald trump winning the 2016 election is a shock America still hasn't fully recovered from. While the media is still intensely focused on banal things like Trump's body language and Tweets, the master persuader is enjoying the attention and continues to control the situation with skilled diversions and distractions.The recent transgender army ban is just another diversion from Trump's arsenal.

What are they distracting us from?

What are Trump and his team distracting us from? A lot has happened since Mr. Trump became a resident of the White House, and he has made some bold, controversial moves.

The immigration ban executive order stirred up a lot of controversy, and Trump's attempts to renegotiate trade deals and "put America first" have been, generally, well accepted.

The President has done a lot more in the meantime and some of his moves were great and some were terrible. It's safe to conclude that most of them, especially the executive orders, were merely to "get the ball rolling" and establish Trump's authority as he tries to assert himself as a competent leader.

Meanwhile, some analysts and journalists argue that Trump is slowly becoming a marionette and letting his voters down by seeking large tax cuts on high-income people and wanting to repeal and replace Obamacare. What would he replace it with though?

Trump doesn't seem to know either and, in his own words (after it became clear that the healthcare repeal bill is not happening), he is waiting for Obamacare to "implode."

It's all about control

Trump thrives on chaos and media attention -- that's what's helping him stay in control even though it may not seem that way at the first glance.

The transgender military ban was a smart diversion. This move drove the far left, along with their SJW satellites, insane and helped the President soften the blow that he knew he would get if the Senate didn't support his decision to repeal Obamacare.

Now that it's obvious that the healthcare bill will not be repealed, it remains to be seen how Trump will handle this situation.

He has already written a few tweets defending himself and accusing the Senate of "letting the American people down." This saves Trump in the eyes of his voters and supporters -- they have the big, bad Senate to blame for not repealing Obamacare, and those that do not want it repealed, can finally relax.

Either way, Trump is managing to control the situation, yet again, outsmarting the media and the public in one fell swoop.