Donald Trump is a controversial figure, there is no doubt about that. He is an unconventional politician and an even more unconventional president. He has, however, shifted a few paradigms and taught us all a few lessons. Trump's campaign was in many ways unique and perhaps changed the way presidential campaigns are lead, forever. It remains unclear if it was Trump's natural Persuasion talent that's helped him spectacularly win the election as an underdog or if it is his campaign team's expertise that made him the POTUS.

Donald Trump and persuasion

Cartoonist Scott Adams is one of the few public intellectuals to predict Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. Adams based his predictions on his extensive knowledge about hypnosis and persuasion (Mr. Adams is a trained hypnotist). He was in awe of Trump, viewing him as a persuader and master manipulator, rather than a politician. What is it that Trump does so good?

As an experienced real estate mogul and businessman, Trump is a brilliant negotiator and someone with a great understanding of social dynamics and human psychology. No, Donald Trump was most probably not formally trained to appeal to the masses, but he has, over the years, accumulated enough knowledge and experience to intuitively know what works and what doesn't.

As a master persuader, Trump knows human beings are inherently irrational - he has found a way to appeal to the average American's emotions and if you manage to do that, facts do not matter and when facts don't matter, you can never be wrong.

False reality

Reality is what you make of it and Trump knows this. The media and the left keep falling for his tricks.

A single tweet from Donald Trump is enough to shake the mainstream media to its core and instead of focusing on Trump's policies and political stances, the media chooses to focus on the way he glances at his wife or shakes someone's hand.

Lynching Donald Trump is incredibly popular and it is what a lot of media has reduced itself to - after all, that is what brings in web traffic, clicks and ad revenue, but by focusing on the President's body language and Twitter messages, the mainstream media is playing Trump's game, dancing to his beat and fueling his loyal and aggressive fan base to flood social media with distorted and heavily biased information about the President, while the important things remain ignored.

Trump is hypnotizing, conditioning and persuading the entire country, just like he did during his election campaign and that is what might help him win again in 2020.