Exactly six years ago yesterday, music icon, singer, and sensation Amy Winehouse passed away. Her name and music still live on to this day. Like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, they will never be forgotten.The legendary singer passed away on July 23, 2011. We lost one of the life's most talented musicians. Her music, voice, humor it still moves fans. Rest well, Amy Winehouse. I'm sure many fans have spent the past two days listening to her inspiring and beautiful music. She had a beautiful soul.

Amy Winehouse was the type of woman and singer who brought such authenticity to her music.

One of my favorite songs was “Valerie.” It just has that upbeat vibe and rhythm to it. In addition, no one will ever forget her single “Rehab.” As controversial as the song is, it is still a great song. Amy Winehouse's impact will be felt forever.

Magnificent despite her addictions

The lyrics speak deep to connection with her father and with her troubles and struggle with alcoholism. Similar to Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, Amy was influenced by her boyfriend to drink heavily. The type of songs that are very personal and contain deep roots, these are the best type of songs. When an artist passes away, as mentioned, their music always lives on. But fans always crave more and new music from them, so it is unfortunate that we will never hear new music from Amy anymore.

It saddens much every day that they will never again hear new music from Amy Winehouse. For those who were lucky enough to see Amy Winehouse sing, kudos to you. Despite her being unwell at times, she was magnificent and heartbreaking. It was quite a tragic loss. Singers like Adele have been impacted my Winehouse. Even movies in 2017 make connections with Amy Winehouse.

Such as Pitch Perfect 3, which is coming out in due time.

We will continue to listen to her smash hits as if she is still alive. Sometimes many forget when an artist is actually gone. When you listen to their songs you feel like they are still alive. But obviously, those who were close with Amy or those who were related to her, I’m sure they still miss her very much.

It is always hard when a friend or family member passes away, especially at a young age and when it is through a struggle or battle with alcohol, drugs or mental illness.

Show must go on, but health comes first

This is why it is so important that people in the music industry, for example, managers or agents that they get artists the help they need, no matter what it takes. The Hollywood lifestyle is not for everyone, but those who get sucked into it, the party lifestyle influences them negatively. When drugs and alcohol consume them. Health comes first over everything, mentally and physically.

If you are not healthy mentally or physically then life becomes a struggle every day.

Moral of the story: "Life's short and anything could happen and it usually does so there is no point sitting around thinking about the if's and buts- Amy Winehouse."