The Governor of Canada is causing quite a stir because he broke with royal protocol. The world is in an uproar because of General David Johnston's kind gesture to help the Queen of England. Should he have been commended for using Common Sense and helping a senior citizen from falling? Or are those who criticize him correct that he should have obeyed the laws of the land? There can be consequences to breaking laws.

Disobeying protocol might cost your life

The Bible is filled with situations related to obeying protocol. Queen Esther went before the king, knowing that he could extend his royal scepter and receive her, or reject her and say off with her head.

The Queen found favor with her husband and lived. Other biblical characters, however, were not so lucky. One of them was Uzzah. In II Samuel 6 and I Chronicles 13 you can read the details of how this man died because he disobeyed the law.

The Lord gave specific instructions that only the Levites were to touch the Ark of the Covenant and it was to be born upon their shoulders. One day King David allowed the Ark to be carried by regular men and it was on a cart led by oxen. When the oxen stumbled Uzzah broke protocol and put out his hand to keep the Ark from falling. This looked like a good deed but as soon as he touched the Ark Uzzah fell dead. General David Johnson's good deed could have caused him harsh punishment.

In some nations, he may even have been sentenced to death.

Protocol is set in place for a reason

The Canadian Governor was not simply helping an elderly woman, he dared put his hand on the reigning monarch of England. Even Prince Phillip the husband of Elizabeth II obeys the laws of the land and walk a specific number of paces behind her in public.

This is because the British Government stands by its rules, regulations, and protocol, in order to protect members of the royal family from harm. If General David Johnson was allowed to reach out and touch the queen, what is to stop others from believing they can do the same?

While the world is in disbelief the Queen has gone on her merry way.

No official statement has been read addressing the breach of etiquette so it seems the situation is no harm no foul. Even so, just because the Governor of Canada was given a free pass does not mean that anyone else should reach out and touch Elizabeth II. He or she may not be so lucky and end up losing their life just like Uzzah in the bible. Just remember the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.