Tweet, tweet, tweet, why does The President continue to misuse Twiter? After six months in the Oval Office, it does not look like he is about to change. In his most recent tweets, Donald Trump referred to fellow Republicans as sad and said they rode on his coattail during the 2016 Election. This indicates that our POTUS is still exhibiting narcissistic behavior.

In the Donald's mind fellow Republicans should protect him

President Trump believes that his fellow Republicans should do more to protect him, as in his world view, he carried them over on his back.

Once again the Donald is making everything all about himself. Previous presidents seemed to have a desire to serve the American people, but number 45 apparently wants to be served by others. He has devalued the office of Commander in chief and did not seem to care. The soul focus of Donald Trump is winning and at any cost.

How can Donald Trump expect the Washington conservatives to have his back when he does not have theirs? The POTUS operates like a playground bully by trying to shame or embarrass anyone who does not support his agenda. He is still operating in "The Apprentice" mode by saying "You're fired" to those he believes are getting too close regarding the Russian collusion. And he tweets, tweets, tweets, as a form of payback for those in the GOP that he thinks are against him.

He believes they should protect him.

The future of the Trump presidency

Should Donald Trump remain in office, the American people should brace themselves. The future will be pretty bleak if the Trump presidency continues. Number 45 will continue to slam and shame fellow Republicans on Twitter. He will maintain his narcissistic attitude regarding winning and keep telling the American people that he won the popular vote and had a larger crowd at his inauguration than Obama.

What is sad is the fact that Americans voted this man into office. And it is very troubling that anyone still supports him and believes he is making America great again. For a sitting President to dismiss his party by saying the rode in on his coattails is pretty low. Why would President Trump expect any loyalty from fellow conservatives when daily he is disrespecting them on Twitter?

The future with Donald Trump in office is one of more of the same. This nation cannot properly be governed with White House personnel being fired on a regular basis. The President may have become a billionaire with those tactics, but it is no way to run the United States of America.