There is craziness going on throughout the world today. National lines are being brazenly crossed by tyrants and bullies. Folks are getting hurt, killed and/or enslaved. No one is doing anything of effect to punish those that are responsible. We will either, end up a world dominated by dictators and tyrants, or maybe instead, we might rise from the ashes of this mess and be free from division and social injustice.

Can we finally have a world without national boundaries? Isn’t the concept of a Bundle Of Sticks being stronger than a single stick a universal concept by now?

The concept of a bundle of sticks representing strength goes back, at least, to the Roman empire. We all must know this one, and yet the very idea is employed all over the world against the vast majority of the population. Divided and fragmented across the globe, we are too weak and disconnected from each other, to do anything meaningful to stop it.


When there are national borders, the strong are permitted to prey on the weak, across all lines. Russia, under Vladimir Putin, has attacked several of Russia’s neighboring countries and covertly and/or overtly, attempted to disrupt diplomatic relations, and political institutions, throughout the world. But, let us not be naïve in thinking that America has not used ‘national security’ or ‘spreading democracy', or ‘stopping communism’, to encroach on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines etc.

The black hat/white hat, us versus them, Cowboys and Indians, superhero vs villain, Democrat vs republican, conservative vs liberal, thinking is what makes it possible for psychopaths to conquer and rule over those who would be led, or otherwise cannot themselves lead.

When there are national borders, people starve, a mile across the ‘line’ from those who are prospering.

Currently, it is happening the world over. When there are national borders, bad people in prosperous countries get to blame poor people from poor countries, for their own offenses. When there are national borders and people starve on one side of the line, they will inevitably, and perpetually seek relief on the other side of the line as, ‘aliens’, ‘refugees’, or ‘immigrants’.

When there are national borders, the industry that is thriving on one side, does so off the backs of those less industrious, across the line. Political fearmongers us the poor people across the border, who cannot defend themselves, referring to them generally as thieves or rapists in order to generate fear and indignation in their constituents and thus garner votes for one more oppressive law or another.

Mexico is one of the poorest countries in the world, compared to the United States, and they are literally our next-door neighbors. Conservatives here can’t stand the idea that those people might want to cross that line in the hopes of a better life. If line were not not there, might they not stay where they are and enjoy the same education, prosperity and strong infrastructure that we enjoy?

What does it profit anyone to waste time and money guarding a line that stops no one, instead of embracing our Brothers And Sisters, and helping them to achieve the same prosperity that we enjoy?

Paranoid delusions

By fostering xenophobia and racism, because of nothing more than national borders and/or minor differences in appearance and/or cultural traditions, tyrants and tyrannical governments, are permitted, by the very people they oppress, to take what does not belong to them, all over the world, in the names of patriotism and ‘national security’.

If we were to dissolve those national borders, couldn’t we all become prosperous? If we put an end to stupid concepts like racism, classism, nationalism and all the other isms that serve to divide people, could we not then, to paraphrase Rodney King ‘all just… get along’?

Borders and walls only serve to foster fear, racism and xenophobia in those the wall was built to contain, as well as in those the wall seeks to encumber. National borders, state and county lines drive wedges between and within nations. Could we not end world hunger, if everyone in that world were brothers and sisters rather than aliens and foreigners?

I tell you why I think we have borders, in a quote by Julius Caesar’s: “Divida et Impera”; Divide and rule. Folks that often speak before thinking, might tell you, that Caesar or Roman Empire invented the concept. That is false. The concept of Divide And Conquer has been used by many civilizations predating Rome. Babylon employed the concept flawlessly for a very long time, 1200 years before Julius was even a twinkle in his pappy’s eye.

Divide and conquer was employed by Rome against Macedonia and Gaul as well, again, long before Caesar was even born. Divida et impera was not simply employed in battle, but heavily in politics, and it has been used ever sense within the same institutions. Just because some shoes are old and well worn, does not make them good shoes to run in.

Just look at America. We have 50 states. Each state has its own ‘personality, its own bird, flower, song, and so on, and then those states make it a law that no one can f#ck with their stuff, without severe legal consequences. Then states are broken up even further into cities, towns, municipalities, and counties. They form teams of every kind, and then they pit those teams against one another.

The competition sometimes borders on complete stupidity. One example that comes to mind is Oklahoma State University and Texas Tech. They get violent and stupid, over a game, not one of them is playing in, but as if they were stars in it.

Ever ask yourselves, why there are only two political parties that endure in America? Because if there ever actually were a third party, then the division down the centerline would no longer be of any effect. It seems to me that what third parties are used for, is to divide an opposing party, so that they will lose. You don’t need to go further than Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for an example. But I am old enough to remember Ross Perot serving the same purpose.

Additionally, parties are further fragmented amongst themselves, but still, each fragment is divided yet again into halves.

So yes, I think it is high time for the world to be done with borders. But before we worry about the world, we first need to take care of our own backyard. Yet those same men, or women that would see us remain perpetually divided, are somehow able to keep us distracted like cats with yarn. So, each of us needs to ask ourselves; who is planting these divisions within our heads? More importantly, why are we letting them? And then we need to… stop it. Unity begins with one person going in a different direction.