Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, held the important press conference at the White House on 16th February. After resignation of Michael Flynn and overthrow of presidential executive order on immigration, Donald Trump tried to manifest that he is in charge of the office and told blatant lies while defending his connections

#1 Trump wrongly denied Russian connections

Donald Trump denied his Russian connections--despite the resignation of Michael Flynn and presidential election leaks--during the press conference. Donald Trump supported the Russian stance on several policy issues--before and after the election--and adored the Russian President Putin on Syria and Ukraine issue.

During Fox News interview, He said, " Putin is innocent while Obama is a killer." Trump further told blatant lie that he didn't favor any Russian policy on any issue, but he forgot to recall his own statement about lifting sanctions upon Russia and extending close co-operation with the Russian president Putin. Donald Trump, the fanatic, and a lunatic person were the only person in the United States who supported the Russian aggression in Syria and called President Assad "indispensable" and "mandatory" for peace in Russia.

#2 Trump bashed Hillary in unreasonable and illogical way

Every person in the United States knows about the past role of Hillary--despite the fake news propagated by Trump brigade on social media--in the US politics.

Trump has all reasons to disagree--not talking about the baseless Trump logics--her on the political front, but she isn't the traitor and national security risk. She is a patriot and contributed towards the betterment of country--as the first lady and secretary of state--in the past. But, the main contribution of Hillary Clinton was opposing the Trump hysteria in presidential elections and bearing the xenophobic, racist, and radical campaign of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the president of the world's largest democracy--and it's unfortunate for the country--and the country is known for liberal, tolerant, and progressive views. Country's political culture is inflicted by racist, xenophobic, lunatic and radical people like Trump, but the United States still has the full potential to emerge out of the post-Trump crisis.