The truth of things is that trump's followers do not buy Infowars garbage. They do not believe Breitbart lies. They do not go with Trump prevarications or even with his impossible agenda.

Trump's followers are just as smart and savvy as those of us who customarily skewer the right wing children of John Birch. Trump's not-quite-majority, not-all-Red-State followers hate the System under which we all live.

Hating the defenders

It is those who represent, apologize for and benefit from this system that the Trumpists most despise. They do not want to jail Hillary.

They detest that she might be President and fill the White House with "them". "Them" refers to a photographically acceptable coterie of people they regard as phonies.-- system poseurs.

I often think of Susan Rice who is an eminently decent person with enviable talent. She is almost a martyr to the slings and arrows of the right wing. They should be ashamed. But Trumpists have no use for such special pleading.

The one percent wins every time

Trumpists cannot skewer the one percent with the relish of someone like me, who sees bipartisanship as the solution and the GOP as the enemy. They do not trouble themselves with the fact that their chosen president, one Donald J. Trump, is hand in glove with the GOP.

The GOP is the lapdog of the one percent.

The GOP is the party that is currently savaging national health care. The GOP is eviscerating the modest Dodd-Frank effort to save us from another near-depression. The GOP and the Federalist Society are the servants of an ecumenical group called the one-percent whose common goal is to accumulate money.

The GOP makes the system possible

Barack Obama tried to work within the system and tame it from within. But the GOP, goaded by the one percent which wanted more, stopped the former president in his tracks. The GOP and its bosses do not care about Trump or about the confused drama that occupies us on a 24/7 basis.

The GOP cares about what they are achieving every day by following the one percent playbook.

Following orders

Like good servants, the GOP knows that the rewards they get will come as they ensure the wellbeing of their superiors. Despite the "progressive" posing that goes on, these superiors include the five largest corporations, all tech operations.

They are Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. They are the top of the one percent. The one percent includes the Koch Brothers. The one percent includes anyone who has lots and lots of money, like many in Trump's cabinet.

A universal system

The GOP stocks the courts with judges who will do their will. The GOP disables sane regulation of anything that might diminish corporate profits.

The one percent is short-sighted and unyielding. Hubris reigns.

Bi-partisanship is still the answer

A further installment will suggest that the solution lies in creating sane bi-partisanship. The system is universal. The solution is getting it fixed.