trump has become the creature of the GOP and the one percent. He always aspired to have the allegiance of the wealthiest and he certainly gravitated toward political power as it grew more attainable. Now he is a tool, a servant, an expendable cipher. If Trump becomes less distracting, less entertaining, and less of a front, they will let him go. Mueller is their friend. Despite Mueller's gravitas, he gets nothing done if the GOP and the one percent say no. Pence is in the wings salivating.

The agenda that would never happen

Over a week ago I wrote that Trump had no agenda.

I will revise that now. He has an agenda but it has little to do with the laws he has proposed. These are fine for him if they get anywhere. But they are basically trial balloons to see how far he can go toward reducing the population to more silence. He wins, the more impotence and servitude there is. He knows jobs will not return. He knows infrastructure will languish. He acts on behalf of the one percent. More money. More profits. Fewer rules.

What's going on?

There's a whole lot happening. The MSM is ignoring it. The nation is being softened up for a time when Trump's draconian laws will pass. The keyword is privatization. It doesn't matter what is privatized as long as it is in the hands of a corporation.

Private does not mean people gain control. Forget that. Private means it becomes whatever the corporation and the stockholders want. Sell it off. Who cares?

Here's a little example

Will this happen?

Maybe not, but you get the idea. The one percent don't fly commercial so if we lose one they won't be on it. The big picture is that what can be privatized will be privatized up to and including Social Security. Those opposing this will be styled as politically correct wimps. The one percent controls culture so any voices strong enough to make a difference will be adjusted by various means, and controlled to provide just enough feedback to keep the natives sated and confused.

What Trump says

Whatever Trump says is what he says at the time -- it has no future relevance. He writes his rules down at will to reduce everything Obama tried to do to smithereens. He will keep telling people he is making America great while making America stop -- except for the one percent.

Why is business so good?

The one percent is global and it continues to operate with the approval of its minions -- which include Donald Trump and the GOP. Why does Mitt Romney no longer call Trump a con man? Because the con now works for Mitt. As long as oil flows, today's one percent will prosper -- they think.

Trump provides entertainment and cover while the GOP gets done everything Mitt would have done if he had won. This is getting repetitious. That's part of the drill. The more resigned we get, the better it is for the one percent.