On the eve of the Comey Hearing, I feel a setup coming on.I have read all seven pages of the Comey testimony. I heard one thing that was obvious and which none of the breathless media is mentioning.

There never was an FBI investigation of the trump-Russia salacious stuff. Trump was not being investigated. There were bureaucratic reasons for not telling Trump that fact. But it was strange.


Trump implied Russia was preventing him from governing. I am not a Trump fan and I have written more than once that we need to have him gone. But as we approach tomorrow, I could do Trump a favor.

As they say in NYC forget about it. But let me tell you how this is going to work.


The cinematic portions of the Comey testimony will get major play. The long stare when Trump sought Comey's loyalty. There will be a muted impeachment chorus. It will be a Trump-sized tempest, but it will merely continue the drama.

The drill

The story of the election and Russia will go on and on and on. Trump will duck the impeachment charge unless there are things beyond what we have at present. Or unless he knows he is home free but chooses to play the card to create yet more distraction.

In other words, the story will remain the underlying, relentless progress of the one percent, whether Trump survives or not.

Privatization, victimization, more wealth higher up.

You be the judge

I tweeted the Comey statement and have posted it below. Click the link to access it.

If my analysis is accurate, that this is more bark than bite, I wonder if this will create a gradual muting of the Trump drama.

My guess is it will not, but it may alert people to the need to get serious about an alternative. Trump can and will do immense harm, but we need to create a credible alternative.

How Trump won

Anger was the power behind Trump's win. What does anyone have to deal with that?

The five mega companies now are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

They hire few people compared to Ford which is now, tenth in size, shedding employees from its current 200,000. Do you want to talk anger?

Really opposing Trump will take more than rehearsing things we already know. The GOP is dug in and could care less whether Trump or Pence is in the White House. Trump is delay pure and simple. Delaying for the sake of oil profit is the name of the game.

Dem's conundrum

When a leader rises on the left who is not over 60 and who has real ideas about an alternative that will not sound like Barack Obama promising change people no longer believe in, there will be interest. The Comey testimony will not make impeachment more likely. If it closes that door, salivating over Trump's demise may become a bore.