This is not about positive thinking. You can listen to Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer for such. This is about decisions we could make that would, in my view, lead to progress for all of us. I will start with someone with whom I do not always agree, Elon Musk. Here is his note on climate change.

The first thing you can do is accept that we are experiencing the start of something that will get lethal soon. It will do in many more than we might imagine. If you already see this, pass Elon's words along to someone who does not.


The first thing we can do after we acknowledge the formidable elephant in the room is to decide to reject the American dream as generally understood.

That would mean rejecting a consumer-based growth economy where value has little to do with you and a lot to do with things like GNP.

Shop for needs. Shun the ownership of a private home. And avoid owning an automobile.


Live in the smallest space you can be comfortable in. Use public facilities, sadly ever more scarce, as workplaces. Avail yourself of public amenities.

A progressive view of space will want at least half for recreation, agriculture and such and the rest divided between semi-public, semi-private and private. Privacy should be seen as sacred for intimate contact, sleep, and rest — as well anything else one wishes to do in solitude. We should advocate for soundproof spaces that are affordable.


We should control time much more than we do. This means we gain educational income when and as we wish. It means that attainment is by achieving benchmarks that validate abilities and skills. More and more time should be understood as our own and our days laid out as we wish. We should structure our own lives.


We should signify to the world that we will vote.

We can and should create statements of what we want to see done where we live and beyond. We should stand up for our rights and the rights of all others. We should favor measures to reduce the number of cars and the use of fossil fuels. We should insist on affordable spaces, safe environments, and recreation that is free or modestly priced.


We should look over ideas like those under the heading cybercommunities and advocate things we agree with We cannot have socialism or capitalism. We need an evolution that is firm in embracing the profit motive and equally firm in regulating it for the benefit of all. Democracy is the only system that can make this possible. The future lies with us.