As we enter the NBA draft on Thursday, fans know that just because a draft pick is high, doesn't mean the player will pan out to what they were hyped up to be. This leads us to the worst NBA Draft Picks in the last five Years.

2012 Draft: Thomas Robinson (No. 5 overall, Sacramento Kings)

Robinson didn't even last a full season with the Kings. Robinson was traded after playing 51 games for the Kings to the Houston Rockets. Since then, Robinson has played for four other teams in the Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Robinson has never averaged more than 8.8 points per game. After a stellar career at the University of Kansas where he was a consensus all-american, Robinson has never lived up to the hype. At 25 years old, he could still have a long career, but he will never be a playmaker.

2013 Draft: Anthony Bennett (No. 1 overall, Cleveland Cavaliers)

Perhaps the biggest bust since Kwame Brown, no one will ever forget the face Bill Simmons made when Bennett was selected with the first overall pick. Bennett averaged 16 points and eight rebounds at UNLV, but was never speculated as a number one pick. In the same draft that featured, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bennett is by far the worst pick of this draft.

Bennett was a piece in the trade that brought Kevin Love over the following season, but has since been out of the NBA.

Bennett averaged 4.4 points in his career, and never played more than 15 minutes a game. For now, Bennett can say he is a EuroLeague Champion , but he is jobless after being released by Fenerbahce.

2014 Draft: Doug McDermott (No. 11 overall, Chicago Bulls)

The Bulls even traded up to select McDermott by sending their two first round picks to Denver.

McDermott was supposed to be a Kyle Korver like player who could knock down a shot when needed. McDermott was coming out of Creighton as only one of three players to score 3,000 points and record 1,000 rebounds in his career, but he never lived up to expectations.

McDermott lasted 2 1/2 years in Chicago before the Bulls traded him to the Oklahoma City Thunder with Taj Gibson for a package that was headlined by Cameron Payne.

McDermott could flourish in his new system, but his stats constitute him as a bust.

2015 NBA Draft: Stanley Johnson (No. 8 overall, Detroit Pistons)

Johnson took a step backwards this past season by averaging four less points a game. Johnson is just 20 years old, so he still has potential to grow, but out of the top fifteen players taken in this draft, Johnson has produced the least. The Pistons have not won a playoffs series since 2007-2008. The teams has made the playoffs once with Stan Van Gundy running the show. Picks like this aren't going to keep "Stan the Man' around much longer.

2016 NBA Draft: Jakob Poeltl (No. 8 overall, Toronto Raptors)

Out of everyone, Poeltl has the biggest road block ahead of him.

Poeltl is a 7-0 center that averaged just 11 minutes a game last season. Starting center, Jonas Valanciunas, is under contract until after the 2019-2020 season. After one one year, it's difficult to pick who is the worst. Poeltl might not be the worst player picked, but he was the wrong choice by the Raptors after the extended their starting center.