Today's cities are uniformly dumb. They are not smart. They are doomed. How dare one utter three short sentences so filled with presumption? The reasons: 1. Today's cities accept the automobile and vast street real-estate as normative. 2. They build in an antiquated and inhumane way. 3. Their creators have not heard of cybercommunities.

Myriad reasons

Also, cities should be intentional communities. They should be self-selected on the basis of values and preferences. Cities should honor the infinite diversity of the human family. At the same TIME, they should champion values that include everyone.

A limit of about 10,000 to a community conforms to thinking that is generally ignored. Read the genius precursors of the future. These include Christopher Alexander, the late C. A. Doxiadis and Jaque Fresco.


Among the many factors that need to play a part are size, connectivity, and cost. Size could be three or four levels in an area about a mile square. Connectivity could be via hyperloop linking communities throughout a metro area. Costs would be like those of computers. The first is expensive. Each iteration descends until we have a universal form and structure.


Reason drives prosperity. Prosperity will come when our residences and work spaces are just right, not bloated as in most high-end offerings and not hovels.

Prosperity will come when all the eco-stuff is handled via automation and the cost is shared by all. We will create integral communities where residence, work and all else is assumed. Prosperity will be automatic because a community of 10,000 is perfect for the growth of local economies.


To see how many cybercommunities are needed now, divide metro areas by 10K.

Cybercommunities will be secure against weather emergencies. They will be flexible like stadiums with retractable roofs. They will be completely at the disposal of their occupants. They will be constitutional democracies.

It will be like living in a people-sized lego communities. Spaces will be assembled from modular elements.

You create communities on the site. Nothing has to bear anything. There is a matrix within which each cybercommunity will exist. Materials will be thin and sound proof. All this can be done now or soon.


These communities will encompass all things that make up the world. They will be car free. The company that makes them will be bigger than Apple and Google combined. The world will be based on non-utopian values not dissimilar to those we can attribute to Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus. They include tolerance, helping others, and according same rights to all.

Do we have any takers for this notion?