The NY Times says the Russia matter is swamping the president's Agenda. I beg to differ. Trump's agenda was dead long before Russia came back to haunt him. We are talking about using the nuclear option to install a SCOTUS judge who is the candidate of the one percent. This was passed and celebrated as a triumph. It is the only major action so far.

Here is the story, happening now, where the Times establishes this fantasy.

The reference is casual, but such statements become part of a continually repeated narrative that fans out into other media.

The paper of record thus becomes the paper of skewed memes. I shall quote the statement verbatim. The Russia matter is described as "a scandal that is swamping his agenda." All told you would think that otherwise, the Trump agenda would be sailing along. Or at least unswamped.

Small matter?

Is this a small matter? No. We are witnessing a president who is incapable of governing and the Times should say that outright. It does so in its editorial section but it contradicts itself in the "truth part" of the paper. The news stories are supposed to be factual. The true story is that the Trump agenda is impossible, a tissue of cruelty and non-existent math.

Fitness problem

The Times has been forthright about questioning the mental competence of the president.

But the president persists. And the harm being done is real.


As we speak the health bill and Trump's tax notions are both under discussion.That is being charitable. Neither initiative has much chance of passing this year. There is nothing else pending. Infrastructure? The wall? Maybe in the president's dreams.The GOP is not good at governing and Trump is not good at coming up with bills that have a chance.

It is a recipe for ineptitude. So far ineptitude has done very well.

False narrative

The notion that the Russia inquiry is swamping the Trump agenda is a convenient narrative. But it hides the real one. Trump has been able to accomplish a great deal so in another sense. One could say he is succeeding. He is rolling back with a stroke of the pen anything that has any possible association with the man on whom he built his successful campaign with lies and innuendo.

He is dismantling the Obama legacy.

Obama remains the target

A fair analysis of Trump's actions this far will show that the bulk of them are explicit rollbacks of Obama efforts to improve things for all Americans. Unquestionably Trump supporters will accept the Trump bashing of Obama as true justice. We know that. But it is equally true that Trump's agenda is not being swamped by the Russia matter. It is being swamped because its author is not fit to be president. And because its premises are unconstitutional unless Gorsuch helps enable racism as national policy.