So a friend of trump says Trump might fire Mueller. That, of course, leads the NY Times. The friend is named Ruddy, and he is associated with Newsmax which is a right wing shop on the Web. Let's get to what is happening. This is known as a trial balloon. Will it fly?

What would be inferred?

An inference is a conclusion we draw from available evidence. We can conclude that the right wing thinks there is a conspiracy to get rid of Trump. Regardless of the actual existence of such, that is reasonably true. In fact, it is not a conspiracy. It is a broad and diverse movement.

It takes courage from recent indications that Trump's base is in severe decline. It is said to have dropped by a third from a high of 30 percent.

The drop came following Trump's recent indications that he has little respect for anything that he sees as his enemy, even justice itself.

Truth, justice, and the American Way

Truth and justice are not always linked, but in the case of Bob Mueller, they are. You can expect to see very soon an indication that Mr. Ruddy's trial balloon is the story. Pros and cons will fly like starlings. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, firing Mueller could force the following scenario, assuming there are enough GOP votes to pass something Democrats want.

“If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller.” according to Rep.

Adam Schiff of CA, adding, “Don’t waste our time.”

Democracy at stake

The American Way is what this tiff is about. If there is no justice that can "trump" President, we do not have a democracy anymore. This is not a judgment from the left, right or center. This is the truth. Mr. Ruddy has become a messenger from the side that believes in all the anti-democratic things that Trump believes, including the persons of prominent dictators the world over.

Trump's best hope

Trump's best hope is that his opponents will overreact and provide him with tweet fodder so he can win the opinion war and prove that he is the victim, not us or anyone else.

He could also hope that Mr. Schiff, the Democrat quoted above, is wrong. An independent counsel measure might not have a chance in the Congress of Donald Trump.

An opinion war

Things are shaping up to become a war of opinion. The people will decide. Social media, polls, MSM -- all will be weighed, and finally, Trump will know exactly why he failed or hung in. He will be the outsider who failed or the con man who warded off every challenge. That is what this is. We knew we were getting it. Our opinions will matter.