Maybe it's not a Demise. Maybe it is just fate playing its game. Whatever it is, Trump is building a pile of liabilities from which a rebound is close to impossible.

To have a rebound the people would have to accept a government rife with new disabilities and a chief executive who will not or cannot do the job. This is the Trump of Atlantic City in the 90s when his casinos, for which he overpaid, failed miserably.

You'll remember

The situation in New Jersey was bankruptcy or bust. Trump was too big to fail so bankruptcies stacked up. The glitz was gone overnight.

And because the banks under Democrats and Republicans are set up to let the rich do what they damn please, Trump escaped. He will escape when he leaves Washington too. He will declare a big victory and blame his dismal fall on Obama, the Clintons, and James Comey.

The signs are unending

Among today's cascading indignities, falls and unspeakable's number one is the likely collapse of Trump's projected trip to England. It is just as well. England has just proved the bellwether of a massive global correction. It is the first time, adding in the French results, that the world has begun to detect that what the MSM calls populism is just anger unleashed for little reason and that the underlying problems are not addressed by the likes of Boris Johnson and Teresa May and who was that that was running in France?


But England is where Trump chose to condemn one of the most efficient responses to terrorism that has ever been unleashed. The police were the heroes of the horrible low-tech terror rampage near London Bridge. But of course, Trump did not read or learn the facts and fed his shrinking base a lie suggesting that his failed agenda is the answer to London's bumbling Mayor.

The shrinking base

That raises the matter of yet another sign, this one a true demise-trigger. It has always been the case, the statisticians say, that Trump will never get over 50 percent approval. The reason is the huge portion of the electorate that is resolutely set against him. So a big win for Donald is to hold on to his modest base of around 30 percent.

These are the ones that love him.


But someone, probably Trump himself, threw a bomb at his base and one-third of it is gone. He is now around twenty percent. Oh, God! Seriously this will become the big headline in a few days. That's because it is the most damaging fact in the world for the president.

If the base is getting bored and tired of the lies and feeling a bit sheepish and humiliated, that means reality is setting in. Reality is not Donald Trump's friend.


I see I have reached my limit and barely begun totaling Trump's woes. Well, that is a good reason to take these reports in low doses. We would not want to shock anyone as we watch the big fish struggle with his self-made hook.